Monday, December 14, 2009

meals for manzos

Wendy is hopeful that she will get to return to her home with her husband and boys by January. As incredible as the homecoming will be it will be complicated. Wendy is still in a lot of pain and is restricted from doing ANYTHING except for eating, healing, and resting. Grocery shopping and making meals will be out of the question.

There are already a lot of kind people signed up to deliver dinners. It would be even more helpful and wonderful if they could have a dinner delivered every single night during the month of January! Let's continue to help make this transition back to "normal" life as easy for Wendy and her family as possible. If you would like to deliver a meal to the Manzos or already have and would like to give yet another, please contact Erin at

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  1. Every single day I've been praying for you,keep only positive things in your mind.God is going to help you to be strong.You are an amaizing woman.Abigail R.