Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wendy's meals on wheels

Wendy's recovery has been more complicated and intense than anyone could have ever imagined. Meals for Wendy and her family have had to be postponed many times now. Finally, Wendy's Meals on Wheels is ready to start back up! If you are signed up to deliver a meal and need a date reminder please contact Erin Gunstream at egunstream@gmail.com

If you are not signed up to deliver a meal and would like to, please get in touch with Erin through email. Thank you to all that have and are committing to deliver meals. The family is asking that meals be dropped off with Micah in Fresno. He will deliver them to Wendy, where she and the family will enjoy them in Madera. Please, still no visitors at this time. Wendy and her family are so grateful for all of the continued love and support.

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