Sunday, November 29, 2009

four brutal days

The last four days have been awful for Wendy. She has been lying down in her bed for four days straight. Her leg is numb again and her incision site is extremely uncomfortable. The incision site feels like a piece of stiff rope wrapped around her body. Lack of movement has made it feel like the site is being tightened and pulled. She is experiencing muscle atrophy in her legs again. She has been in a tremendous amount of pain, and she is exhausted and nauseous. She has experienced some major setbacks. Complications that started in the hospital are getting worse at home. She hopes to have an appointment with a local doctor tomorrow.

Wendy has a stye in her left eye. It is excruciating. She is using a warm compress to help soothe it, but it hasn't helped much.

She hasn't had an appetite for the last four days. She lost five pounds in 48 hours. Wendy is supposed to be eating 1800 calories or more, every day. Severe nausea has made it hard for her to even swallow a small pill. Today was the first time anything has sounded somewhat edible to her in over four days. She was craving spaghetti from Di Cicco's. GB made the run and brought back two sides of spaghetti. Wendy actually ate a healthy serving of spaghetti. Please pray for Wendy's appetite and for feelings of nausea to go away. It is crucial she eat.

Wendy is trying to avoid and block any negative thoughts. At this point she is extremely frustrated. The last four days have really set her back. It's annoying and hard on one's heart and mind to work so hard to get to a certain point and then experience regression so rapidly.

Skyler doesn't have chicken pox. However, after Micah, Skyler, and Jadon experienced a three hour wait at the walk-in clinic the day after Thanksgiving, Skyler was put on antibiotics for a staph infection. Wendy is being quarantined from them for the time being. Skyler has an appointment with his regular pediatrician tomorrow. Being away from them is breaking her heart.

  • Wendy's appetite returns and the nausea leaves!
  • She is able to start visiting her boys again.
  • Skyler heals quickly.
  • The stye in her eye is healed.
  • Strength for Micah.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Thursday, November 26, 2009

gold canyon candles

A mom of a former student of Wendy's, Melissa Brown is hosting a special event that will benefit Wendy through Gold Canyon candles sales. From now through December 13th, 50% of all Gold Canyon candle sales made through mygoldcanyon or email, or by phone 559-916-1140, and parties (catalog or home) will be donated to help Mrs. Manzo and her family. Candles will arrive before Christmas. Order today and be apart of giving back to Wendy through this special opportunity.

first check-up

Wendy and Micah experienced a lot of holiday traffic on the way to UC Davis Medical Center yesterday. She suffered from nausea and pain on the way there and back.

Her appointment with Dr. Calhoun went well. Pathology reports continue to show that all cancerous tumors were removed. Dr. Calhoun is referring her to a new oncologist. The new oncologist might suggest chemotherapy and/or radiation. At this point Dr. Calhoun doesn't think either are necessary. He truly believes he got ALL of the cancer. She will have scans taken every month for awhile. At this point they aren't worried about the cancer coming back. Her Wound V.A.C. is continuing to do good work and it might be removed as soon as next week. Wendy's main incision site is looking great and her rate is down.

On their ride home Micah held her hand and told her not to worry about the cancer coming back. He said it is important they enjoy this moment, her being healthy.

Wendy's next appointment is next Wednesday at UC Davis Medical Center at 10 am. She is already not looking forward to the long and uncomfortable drive.

thanks today and always

Happy Thanksgiving from the Manzo and Beckett families!

Wendy and her family send an extra special thank you to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Kay for preparing a Thanksgiving meal for the Manzo and Beckett families. They slaved in the kitchen for two days preparing a delicious and extravagant meal. Wade went and picked the meal up and brought it back to the Beckett's house for their little family to enjoy. Wade topped off the meal with his famous mashed potatoes and gravy. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day spread.

Unfortunately the day didn't go quite as planned. Wendy was exhausted from the previous day and in bed experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. Another reason she was in her room most of the day was because it is thought Skyler might have the chicken pox. At this point it is best they keep the boys away from Wendy. Despite it all, Wendy has so many things to be thankful for. Too many to list. And even though she had a rough day she is so thankful to have spent Thanksgiving at home and not in the hospital.

  • Wendy feels less pain today and is not as exhausted.
  • Skyler doesn't have the chicken pox.
  • Micah doesn't feel too overwhelmed with a healing wife, scheduled boys, illness, and traveling back and forth from Fresno to Madera.

The Lord watches over you. The Lord is your shade
at your right hand.
The sun will not harm you by day or the moon by night.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

family of four

Wendy was super tired today. Wendy and GB had a rough nights sleep, bad and weird dreams kept both of them up. She is hopeful to get to bed early tonight and to have peaceful dreams. GB is working hard, tending to Wendy's every need. She needs prayers for good rest and strength. Pray for GB.

Micah and the boys came and visited in the afternoon. Their little family of four got to eat lunch around the kitchen table. It had been a long time since they had enjoyed that simple pleasure. Skyler was visibly the happiest of all to be sitting together eating as a family.

Wendy is a strong lady! She switched from the quad cane to a regular cane today! She is really pushing herself physically. She is so anxious to become more independent and regain her strength. She used the walker later in the evening when her body was just too worn out to rely on the cane.

She didn't suffer with nausea today as much as she has the past few days. She actually made it all the way until 7 pm without getting nauseous and needing medicine.

Little surprises and dear gifts have been quietly and without any interruptions left for Wendy over the past few days. FED EX dropped off a special flower delivery this afternoon. These little surprises have brought her so much joy. Wendy's family is so thankful that people are continuing to love and support Wendy from a distance. It is still SO important she not have any visitors.

Wendy and Micah head to UC Davis Medical Center tomorrow for the first check-up of many. It is a long and painful ride for someone who is recovering from such major surgery. Please pray continuously throughout the day for her comfort, peace, and safety.

Micah called Wendy today to share a Jadon quote. In the car, on the way home from The Village, Jadon said, "Dad, I think I need a CAT scan." He hears way more than anyone knows!

  • Safe travels tomorrow in holiday traffic.
  • Minimal incision pain from car ride.
  • The x-ray goes quickly and smoothly with little wait time.
  • Check-up with Dr. Calhoun goes well, showing no infection or complications.
  • Wound V.A.C. change isn't too painful (it hurts!!) and shows much healing and progress.
  • Her pain level stays low and no nausea in car or during visit.
  • Wendy is home for Thanksgiving.
  • She has starting using the cane.
  • GB...amazing nurse and precious mom.
  • A meal shared by their little family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

mind over matter

Wendy's discomfort and pain was definitely up today. Her Fentanyl patch expired today and she could definitely feel that its effectiveness had worn off. GB changed the patch and Wendy started to feel more relief as the day went on. She is still experiencing nausea and headaches.

Her home health nurse came today. It was a long visit. Reviewing Wendy's extensive medical history, paperwork, and changing of the Wound V.A.C. made for a busy, exhausting day. The nurse's visit interfered with her time with Micah and the boys. She was pretty sad that she didn't get to see them much. From here on out her nurse will come in the mornings. The afternoon and early evening will be reserved for time with her family.

Tolerating and accepting pain has been tough on Wendy mentally and physically. She has had to learn how to differentiate and accept a level of pain she can tolerate versus a level that leaves her debilitated. Her mental strength was tested yet again yesterday. She had a scary moment around 1 am. She was having difficulty catching her breath and she panicked. She was on the verge of hyperventilating, but thankfully was able to talk her self into a state of calmness and could re-regulate her breathing.

Please continue to pray for Wendy. Her recovery is not easy and she is appreciative of every prayer for healing and strength.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wendy had a low key, quiet day. She was groomed and pampered from head to toe by her sweet mama-nurse. Her mom washed, dried, and combed her hair, pedicured her feet, and helped her take a bath. She finally got to take a semi-normal bath with the help of a hand held shower nozzle that her Uncle Kenny installed for her. Wendy's entire grooming process took over two hours because she had to break for so many rests, as she is still in a lot of pain.

Wendy had her best and longest sleep yet, last night. Unfortunately, she woke up in a lot of pain this morning because she slept through her pain medicine doses. At this point she is asking for prayer, which is better for her body, sleep consistently or wake up and take pain medicine? She is perplexed over which is the lesser of two evils.

Wendy didn't see the boys today. She was exhausted from the previous busy and emotional day and all three of the Manzo men are now on antibiotics. It was better for everyone to take a day off. Micah was busy cleaning the house and hadn't gotten around to telling the boys that they wouldn't see their mommy today. As Micah cleaned the floors the boys played and scurried around at his feet. Skyler who usually plays well independently was following him around, carrying a letter puzzle. After awhile, Micah noticed he wasn't letting up and was actually trying to communicate something to him. Micah sat down with Skyler. Skyler took the letters from the puzzle and spelled out "M - O - M". As Wendy retold this story tonight she couldn't help but cry. Skyler is truly blossoming! She is excited to get to see them again tomorrow.

Wendy experienced severe hiccups today. She had three bouts of hiccups that lasted almost an hour each time. Please pray the hiccups don't come while she is sleeping and they are gone by tomorrow. By the end of the day her stomach and throat were really starting to hurt.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

Saturday, November 21, 2009

an update from cb

Wendy and Georgia are back home in Madera. Thirty-three days in a hospital is a long time. The Becketts and Manzos say THANK YOU from our innermost being. GOD IS FAITHFUL. This will truly be a memorable Thanksgiving because there is no place like home.

Georgia looks cute in her pink scrubs and Wendy beautiful in her new lounge wear. Wendy has already started her strenuous physical therapy and will work very hard everyday. A home health nurse will come every Monday, Wendesday, and Friday to change the dressing on her Wound V.A.C.

Wendy and Micah will head back up to UC Davis Medical Center this Wednesday, November 25th for a checkup with Wendy’s surgeon, Dr. Calhoun. They will have to go back to Davis on a regular basis for checkups.

Wendy was able to see her husband Micah and her two handsome sons, Skyler and Jadon today. WHAT A REUNION! Both boys cried when they saw Mommy and wouldn’t let go of her. It was a great day at 3021 Forest Lane. The roses smelled better, the grass was a little greener, and the blue sky radiated God’s love. Wade and Wesley will be home Wednesday. Both are so anxious to see Wendy and the rest of the family.

May this be your best Thanksgiving with you and your family. We must not take anything for granted. Material things will pass away. Let’s all count our blessings. We truly have much to be thankful for: God, family, friends and health.

Let us come before Him with Thanksgiving. Psalm 95:2

lollipops and potatoes

Wendy slept so well last night. She only woke up once for pain medicine. She was up at 7:30 am, nauseous and in a good amount of pain. Breakfast was cut short because of the nausea. She went back to bed and an early morning nap really helped. Wendy is so happy to be home. She is still in a lot of pain but being home is what she needs to fully heal.

Micah and the boys came by at noon. Seeing them was surreal. She felt like she was having an out of body experience. Both boys walked in slowly. She asked, "can I have a hug?" Jadon ran over first. Just inches away, he stared at her face for almost three minutes. It was as if he didn't really believe it was her. She enjoyed being so close to him, studying him, almost as if she was re-learning his face. He was interested in the Wound V.A.C. and stayed close. She called Skyler over. He laid his head on her shoulder and squeezed her tighter than he ever has before. He then went over to GB and cried while hugging her. His tears were joyful, relieved tears. Wendy told him to come back. He climbed up in the chair with her and rested on her for a long time. Wendy said they've grown so much in a month's time. Skyler is blossoming. Jadon did a dance for Wendy and shared about Halloween and what he wants for Christmas. Wendy enjoyed every second of the time they spent together this afternoon being reunited, catching up, and getting adjusted to being together again.

Both boys love Wendy's walker. They pushed the buttons, climbed up and on it, and practiced walking with it.

Wendy enjoyed a special moment with Jadon today coloring up at the table. He drew a picture of her and she drew a picture of him. His drawing of Wendy captured her perfectly, two eyes, nose, mouth, lollipop, and potato. You know Wendy, never without a lollipop and potato.

Both of the boys are battling a little sickness and are on antibiotics. It was important that Wendy get to see them today, for her heart and emotional healing. However, it is even more important that she stay healthy. Micah took the boys back home for the rest of the day and evening. Once home tonight Micah called Wendy and told her how different the boys seem already. They seem peacefully content and are radiating happiness. It was a good evening at the Manzo home.

  • Wendy doesn't get sick.
  • Skyler and Jadon are fully healed so they can spend more time with their mommy.
  • Micah, CB, and GB don't get sick.
  • Strength for GB as she is Wendy's 24/7 nurse.

Friday, November 20, 2009

home again, home again

It was thought earlier this week Wendy might be discharged this coming weekend. Wendy tried to sit patiently with the thought of going home so soon. She thought about what it would be like to be home every minute she was awake. Her patience and her ability to trust was fully tested. After a thorough assessment this morning her team decided she was ready to go home today. At last, Wendy was cleared to go home.

The discharge process was quite extensive. Wendy went home with a Wound V.A.C., prescriptions, and orders for a home health nurse (who will start coming on Monday). Wendy will be using a walker, a quad cane, and a wheel chair.

The drive home from UC Davis was exhausting, painful, and stressful. Wendy was completely worn out by the time they arrived back in Madera. A balloon arch spanned across the front porch, waiting for Wendy's arrival, welcoming her home. She will be staying at her parents' house during the next weeks or months, while her recovery is still so critical. She has yet to see Skyler and Jadon because they are both sick and on antibiotics. At this point she is just SO thankful to be out of the hospital. She said a recliner has never felt so good. She has beyond enjoyed being home, looking at all of the framed family photos, especially the ones of the boys.

Doctors orders firmly state that Wendy is to have NO visitors. It is imperative she stay away from germs and that she get A LOT of rest. She has a long way to go and her recovery is just beginning. Please allow Wendy and her family time to readjust. Wendy will continue to share information through this blog and will communicate when she is able and ready to start receiving phone calls and visits.

Wendy will miss the amazing nurses, doctors, therapists, and staff that cared for her for the past month. Nurse Sandy from the ICU came to visit Wendy one last time early this morning. She sent Wendy on her way with a quote that truly captures the epitome of what Wendy has become. You thought Wendy was gentle, kind, and generous before the surgery? You just wait.

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggles, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people don't just happen."
- Elizabeth Kuber-Ross

BIG news...


More details to follow later tonight once she is settled. It's raining on the road so pray for safe travels for GB and Wendy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

team wendy

The River Bluff community came together tonight to support a great school and a beloved teacher. Micah, Jadon, and CB were present to personally thank so many for the love and generosity that has been bestowed upon Wendy and the Beckett and Manzo families.

An extra special thank you to the amazing and selfless River Bluff parents for planning, donating, and running such a successful event tonight. Thank you to Julie Jobinger, Charlene Cowin, Karen Goldsberry, Lisa Renwick, Suzanne Lanfranco and countless others who donated their time, money, and love to making the spaghetti dinner and bake sale a huge success. Thank you also to the River Bluff staff and students for helping the night go off without a hitch. A very special thank you to the Otis Spunkmeyer Company that donated and baked 500 cookies.

Local graphic design and custom screen printing company, HardDriven designed the "Team Wendy" t-shirts. HardDriven is donating all money raised from the t-shirt sales to Wendy. T-shirt orders can be placed at the River Bluff office until 3:00 pm tomorrow (11/20). For additional information about the "Team Wendy" t-shirt sales please email Julie Jobinger at

Donations of all kinds, monetary or service based, are still welcome at any time. All monetary donations can be made through the "lend a hand" link on this blog. Any other donations please contact Erin at

Newscaster Kopi from Great Day made an appearance at tonight's spaghetti dinner and bake sale. He will run a segment that includes information about Wendy and her incredible journey on December 1st.

four walks

Wendy had a better day. She went on four walks, two with the walker and two with the quad cane. The pain management team continues to fine tune her pain medicine. Her Fentanyl Patch is being bumped up from 75 mg to 100 mg. They've added a pain pill to combat the shooting nerve pain she is experiencing in her right quadriceps as feeling is starting to return.

Nurse Sonya and Nurse Jerry from the ICU came and visited Wendy this afternoon. She is so grateful for their continued support and care.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wrm the trooper

Wendy was a trooper today, despite the fact that she is suffering from severe hemorrhoids. Without divulging a lot of information about the hemorrhoids, simply stated, Wendy really needs your prayer for healing.

She experienced terrible nausea at two different points during the day. It is thought that extreme pain or not enough food in her stomach, or both, is causing her to be so nauseous. Wendy is allowed to request a snack at any point during the day. Unfortunately her nausea really affected her appetite today and she didn't request any snacks and she didn't eat any dinner. Because her TPN line is gone now, it is imperative she eat enough.

Her Wound V.A.C. was changed today. The doctor that changed it thinks she will most likely go home with it. In his opinion her wound is just still too large. There has been conflicting opinions about if she will go home with it or not. Please pray she doesn't go home with it. One less hassle, one less home health nurse coming and going from their home.

Wendy's PICC line was redressed today and it is looking good.

Wendy had three special visits today from dear nurses. Nurse Jen and Nurse Suzy from the ICU dropped in to check on Wendy and let her know how much they continue to think about her. Nurse Jackie and her daughter Nicole brought their service god, Mongo to meet Wendy. The nurses at UC Davis Medical Center continue to bless and impress Wendy and her family.

Pastor Roger Leach, a family friend of the Becketts and the pastor that preached at Micah and Wendy's wedding reception came up to UC Davis Medical Center to pray for Wendy today. He felt that God spoke to his heart to come pray over Wendy and to represent and reach out on behalf of all churches, congregations, and pastors that are so fervently praying for her. He made the long visit to pray with Wendy for two short minutes. Wendy's family was so appreciative that he made the long trip and yet that he respected Wendy's need for rest and only stayed in her room for a brief moment. Wendy's family thanks him and prays that he be abundantly blessed.

GB and Wendy received the most exciting and unexpected phone call today. Wendy's cousin Janae called from Greece. They were touched by her phone call and it made both of their days.

  • Wendy's hemorrhoids are healed completely.
  • The nausea goes away and her appetite returns.
  • Her PICC line is looking good.
Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
and your healing shall spring up quickly.

Isaiah 58:8

hospital date night

Wendy didn't have a great sleep last night. Her roommate was up most of the night in a lot of audible pain. Thankfully her roommate was moved and Wendy is enjoying her own room again. As a matter of fact Wendy's room was especially chosen for her. The room is at the end of a hall and has more privacy than most. One of the charge nurses, Nurse Jackie requested the room for Wendy when she was transferred down from the ICU. Nurse Jackie's daughter stayed in the exact bed and room that Wendy is currently in a few years back. Nurse Jackie's daughter is living with a brain tumor. Her brain tumor is inoperable and she is not hire able. Her daughter is married and doing well right now, but please keep Nurse Jackie and her daughter in your prayers. Thank you God for special treatment for special Wendy.

Wendy's is free at last from her IV pole! Her PICC line now has a saline lock on it. She will go home with the PICC line, but it is currently not in use. She feels like a free woman.

Wendy is no longer on any antibiotics. She had all of the Steri-Strips (except for a couple) removed from her large incision site. No more daily Betadine cleanings and changing of Steri- Strips.

The pain management team really thinks they have "nailed" Wendy's pain medication regiment. Her pain ranged from a 5 to a 6 1/2 yesterday.

Wendy went on three walks yesterday. She and Micah went on the final walk of the night together. While they were walking GB set up a special dinner date night for the two of them. She placed two hospital dinner trays across from one another, put a pillow in the chair for Wendy and said, "dinner is served" when they returned from the walk. They got to sit and eat dinner together, alone, with no interruptions. GB joked, "sorry I couldn't find a candle." That first dinner date out in the real world will be so sweet, but probably just as special as last night's in the hospital.

Dr. Calhoun has officially recorded in Wendy's orders that she can now go outside in a wheelchair to get some fresh air.

Wendy's PT introduced her to a quad cane yesterday. Wendy walked twenty feet with the cane. She has to be taught how to walk with the cane so that she doesn't injure her knee. Her knee is very vulnerable at this point. Injuring it could cause arthritis down the road.

She will have a blood panel done today. Dr. Calhoun wants her to have more red blood cells. She is slightly anemic. She will start receiving Vitamin C and iron today.

Due to the fact that Wendy is enjoying and craving good foods like yogurt, granola bars, and pizza the TPN line has been removed. It is now up to her to get all of the nutrients, protein, and calories she needs from food. One less line!

Please pray for a dear nurse at UC Davis, Nurse Kerri and her family. Nurse Kerri's sister adopted two boys from China. They just recently returned from China with their youngest son, Jessie. Jessie is two years old and needs to have surgery to repair his club feet. Please pray for this dear family and little Jessie's surgery, his healing, and his adjustment to his new family and home.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a very manzo christmas

A dear friend of Wendy's is organizing a very special event called "Manzo Christmas". The goal is to fill the base of their Christmas tree with presents for all. CB and GB acted as elves and inquired within for Christmas lists for Micah, Wendy, Skyler, and Jadon. If you are interested in buying something off of one or more of the Manzo's Christmas lists please email Cari at

pizza snack

Today's mid-afternoon update was written by Wendy!

"Sonya, my beloved day nurse from the ICU, just came up to visit for the 2nd time. She took my mom back down with her and is sending me back up pizza - pepperoni, mushroom, and olive, my favorite kind - for a treat. I'm hungry for my afternoon snack and oh, what a great surprise. YUM!!!! It doesn't take much these days to thrill me. Yep...really learning to appreciate the little things."

Monday, November 16, 2009

god on the mountain

Wendy has had two roommates in the last 24 hours. Debbie was admitted into Wendy's room at 1 am early this morning. Debbie was in a lot of pain. Wendy asked her what her name was and asked if she could pray for her. Debbie was grateful for the prayers because she understands the power of prayer and asking Jesus for help. Debbie, a mother of four and a grandmother is fighting lung cancer. She started running a fever after having part of her lung removed and had to be readmitted into the hospital. She will have to have more surgery and chemotherapy down the road. Wendy and GB loved the conversations they shared with Debbie today. She was a wonderful woman and rejuvenated their hearts and souls in the middle of a hard day. Your prayers for Debbie would be greatly appreciated. Wendy's second roommate is in a lot of pain. She is crying, moaning, and hasn't stopped making noises since she entered the room. Please pray she gets comfort soon and doesn't keep Wendy up tonight.

Wendy was in an incredible amount of pain ALL day. Her pain was at a 6 1/2, consistently today. The nurses don't want her pain to be above a 5. So once again they are reworking her pain medicine. They are increasing the strength of her Fentanyl patch and dropping the Norco. She will start taking Dilaudid, a narcotic analgesic every three hours.

Wendy went on three walks today. Her last walk was at around 9 pm. Her last walk was by far her longest and most successful walk. She was in so much pain today that she really had to fight and struggle to complete the first two walks.

There is talk that the Wound V.A.C. might come out before she goes home. Pray the wound closes up enough that she can go home without it. A nurse cut some extra tissue out of the wound today. It is looking so much better.

Wendy's TPN line is delivering an ever lower potency of nutrients. Wendy had a pretty good appetite tonight. She told one of her nurses, Nurse Jackie that she didn't think she would make it to dinner without a snack. It was pretty close to dinner time and "snack time" had long since passed in the kitchen. Nurse Jackie gave Wendy her own personal snack. Wendy enjoyed a pre-dinner snack of tasty strawberry cheesecake Yoplait and a granola bar thanks to generous and selfless Nurse Jackie. Wendy's nurses have been amazing and constantly go above and beyond to take care of their patients. She ate most of her raviolis and a tiny green salad tonight. Praise God for Wendy's returning appetite!

Dr. Calhoun's nurse, Nurse Valerie suggested Wendy take one of her walks in the ICU tomorrow. Visiting the ICU and getting to see the nurses will most likely give her a positive and much needed boost. She is trying so hard to stay positive but she is in a serious amount of pain right now.

Her hands, arms, feet, and legs are still extremely swollen. She continues to take potassium and Lasix to help relieve some of the swelling.

GB would like to send out an extra special thank you to Joella for giving her a tasty green salad and chicken. GB was in Wendy's room ALL day today because of the constant pain Wendy was in. GB was so grateful to have packed the salad and chicken for lunch, because there wasn't a moment for her to leave today.

While Wendy was working through her pain today with her eyes closed she quietly started singing a song. She could only remember a few of the lines. Her Uncle Kenny sang the song when Wendy was a little girl. The words brought her comfort today. He is still great, He hasn't diminished even though she is going through such a tough time. The words were from the song, "God on the Mountain". Enjoy the sweet words that brought an even sweeter Wendy comfort today.

God on the Mountain

Life is easy when you're up on the mountain
And you've got peace of mind like you've never known.
But then things change and you're down in the valley.
Don't lose faith for you're never alone.

For the God on the mountain is still God in the valley.
When things go wrong, He'll make it right.
And the God of the good times is still God in the bad times.
The God of the day is still God in the night.

You talk of faith when you're up on the mountain.
Oh but the talk comes easy when life's at its best.
But it's down in the valley of trials and temptation
That's when faith is really put to the test.

For the God on the mountain is still God in the valley.
When things go wrong, He'll make it right.
And the God of the good times is still God in the bad times.
The God of the day is still God in the night.

  • Wendy gets good sleep tonight.
  • Her pain level is below a 5 tomorrow.
  • She gets to take a walk in the ICU.
  • The Wound V.A.C. comes out before she goes home.
  • The Wound V.A.C. is doing its job.
  • The joy Debbie brought to Wendy and GB today.
  • Nurse Jackie, Yoplait, and a granola bar.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

goodbye to lines and pumps

Wendy continues to show slight improvements. Unfortunately she battled with nausea again today. GB and Wendy have decided that it is the large Super Motrin pill cut into four (still large) jagged pieces that is causing her so much trouble. Wendy is hoping to take three smaller, round 200 mg Super Motrin pills instead of the one large 600 mg pill.

Three walks today! The nurses encourage her to engage in conversation while she is walking. She was interrupted mid-sentence today and had to end her walk early because her heart rate was up significantly high. Even though she didn't show any outward physical signs of exhaustion or difficulty breathing, her high heart rate was definitely elevated and her system stressed. Wendy must use oxygen when she goes on longer walks.

She is back on solid foods. She will receive the last bag of nutrients through her TPN line tonight at 10 pm. The nutrients will continue to flow until 10 am. Wendy must eat enough fat, protein, and nutrients on her own. Pray she continues to have an appetite and eats enough to make her body function effectively.

Wendy has started to experience some feeling in her numb leg. The feeling is uncomfortable unfortunately. The numb part of her leg is throbbing and hot. At this point she'll take what she can get.

She has been fighting a headache and chills before bed for the last two nights. GB thinks she needs more sleep. Wendy didn't get much sleep the night before and no nap during the day. Thankfully she got a short nap today.

Wendy is very anxious about losing her PCA Infusion Pump tomorrow. The pain management team has issued her a standing prescription for pain medication to be available to be put into her PICC line if she is in a lot of pain. She will continue to receive pain relief from the Fentanyl patch, Norcol, and Super Motrin.

Wendy had a light bulb moment tonight. After receiving her daily heparin shot in her stomach her eyes flew open and she said, "now I know why these heparin shots hurt more every day! It's because I'm getting less pain medication every day." That's some cruel clarity for you.

Her white blood cell count is normal and her blood levels are returning to normal and looking better every day.

Please pray for Thomas, Leslie, and their two daughters who are in their early twenties. Thomas is fighting leukemia at UC Davis Medical Center. He has been in the hospital multiple times. If the current treatment doesn't work he'll probably have a month to live. Thomas needs a healing MIRACLE. GB said she would have Wendy's prayer warriors pray for Thomas because we hurt for those in pain and believe in prayer.

  • Wendy is less swollen.
  • She is comfortable and doesn't feel extreme pain.
  • She isn't anxious about pain.
  • She is experiencing feeling in her numb leg.
  • Her white blood cell count is normal!
  • She is losing a line and a pump.
"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today; let us move forward with strong and active faith." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

day 28 from cb

Today's update was written by Wendy's dad, CB.

DAY 28

"Because He lives We can face tomorrow. Because He lives all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future. And life is worth living just because He lives.

Friends and Family,

Georgia and I are still with Wendy at the hospital. I will return to Madera tonight to care for the grand boys for the week. Georgia will remain to love and care for Wendy until she is home. Our HOPE and PRAYER is to be reunited by THANKSGIVING.

Simply put, Wendy must be able to do the following on her own before she is released:
* proper bowel functions
* consume solid foods to sustain her without the IV nutrition
* walk on her own with walker
* no IV’s for medicine or pain

She will go home with a Wound V.A.C. and a home health nurse for assistance. The most beautiful nurse in the world, her mother will care for her. Weeks and weeks of physical therapy will follow.

Our family loves you so much. Thank you for support and prayers. In His time, in His time He makes all things beautiful."


god's good timing

"Why does God wait until the money is gone? Why does he wait until the sickness has lingered? I don't know. I only know his timing is always right. I can only say he will do what is best. Though you hear nothing, he is speaking. Though you see nothing, he is acting. With God there are no accidents. Every incident is intended to bring us closer to him." - Max Lucado

God will always give what is right to his people who cry to him night and day,
and he will not be slow to answer them. Luke 18:7

Saturday, November 14, 2009

pickles please

Wendy was extremely nauseous again today. When she is this nauseous it really sets her back, making it impossible for her to eat and walk. She couldn't even focus on the directions her PT was giving her because she was so on the verge of throwing up. She ended up vomiting in the late afternoon and finally felt some temporary relief.

The pain team is continuing to taper off the pain medicine she can receive through her PCA Infusion Pump. She is now receiving Norco every two hours. Four hours in between pills was just too long. She is still in an extreme amount of pain.

Wendy's dad read her more comments from the blog tonight. She just listened and cried. She is so humbled and overwhelmed.

Wendy unintentionally sat in a chair for four consecutive hours today. Her feet were swollen beyond a pregnant person's feet. Her mom had to rub her feet before she could even attempt to stand up. When her feet and legs swell to this extent it takes a long time for the pain to go away. Wendy requests special prayer for her swollen feet and legs because it is so painful.

She is still receiving nutrients from the TPN line, but only at night, which has made her hungrier during the day. She received soft foods tonight, but because she was so hungry she requested something more substantial. She asked for a turkey sandwich but because they were out ended up eating a hamburger. She was hesitant that the hamburger might be too rich, but her nurse encouraged her to try it. Boy was she glad she ended up with a hamburger because it came with pickles. She piled all four pickles onto that burger. The pickles tasted like pure perfection. Tonight's pickles reminded her of Jadon. Whenever she goes through the drive-thru with the boys Jadon always requests a cheeseburger with NO pickles. He continually reminds her, "no pickles" all they way up until she orders. When she places the order she always asks Jadon, "you want ten pickles right?" The story made her laugh and then cry. She went on to say that she believes the Lord helped her block the boys out of her mind until now. In the last day and a half she has really been struck with an intense pain in her heart and cannot stop thinking about them. She misses her husband and boys so much.

Wendy is hoping she can continue to walk, eat, drink, and have happy bowels. It is imperative she has success in all four areas. Please pray that she improves daily so she can go home soon. The days are passing more slowly now that she is aware.

Hunter was released from the ICU today. He is now in a recovery room!

  • No nausea and no swelling!
  • She gets relief from Norco and the reduced amount of medicine she receives from the PCA.
  • The following days of recovery pass quickly so she can go home.
This is what the Lord God says: I, myself,
will search for my sheep and take care of them. Ezekiel 34:11

Friday, November 13, 2009

corners being turned

Wendy's bowels woke up around midnight which made for a long night with little sleep. Pray her gastrointestinal system is healing and will work well from here on out.

Today was a better day than yesterday. She only vomited once and luckily her pills didn't come back up. Her nurse commented that her ability to keep the pills down was quite a talent. Wendy told her it wasn't talent, but prayer. She prays before the pills are delivered, as she swallows them down, and while she waits for her stomach to settle once they are down.

She started on yet another new pain medication today, Norco. This specific narcotic pain reliever is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Norco and 600mg of Motrin will be given to Wendy every four hours. She gets very uncomfortable before the four hour interval is up so she is still able to access pain medication from the PCA Infusion Pump.

Wendy went on three walks today. She also met with both her OT and PT. Her OT is teaching her how to move, bend, and complete every day activities independently. Because of her large incision site she is unable to bend her torso. She was taught how to use a grabber tool to pull up socks, clothes, and reach for items instead of bending over.

If Wendy gets good sleep tonight and has a productive morning she will get to go outside for the first time in 27 days! A nurse suggested Wendy and her dad walk over and grab a warm beverage from Starbucks. Her nurses are hoping the trip outside will inspire her to get out of the hospital even more quickly.

Wendy had her Wound V.A.C. changed today. The incision site continues to heal and get smaller. The nurse said that they will start changing it every three days. She won't have to have it changed again until Monday. Wendy is thankful for the extra day because the removal and re-installation process is very painful. Wendy will most likely go home with the Wound V.A.C.

Wendy's roommate went home today. Her nurse is going to try and prevent a new roommate from moving in in the next 24 hours and limit as many interruptions as possible so she can get some rest tonight.

An extra special thank you to Nurse Scarlett for taking such good care of Wendy today. She was like a little mother hen to Wendy, extremely attentive of her needs and protective over her opportunities to sleep.

CB and GB really feel like Wendy turned a corner today. They are seeing slight improvements. They all continue to do the best they can and are thankful for their family and friends' heart felt prayers and selfless gestures.

  • Wendy's gastrointestinal system continues to work and is healthy.
  • She gets more sleep tonight.
  • No more nausea.
  • Wound V.A.C. being changed every three days.
  • Occupational and physical therapists that encourage and teach independence.
  • No roommate and a quieter room tonight.
Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Proverbs 30:5

the busy hospital

Wendy had a long day yesterday, two consecutive days of nausea is really starting to get her down. The doctors are working hard to find pain medicines that work, yet that don't stop her gastrointestinal system from functioning.

GB said last night, "don't go to the hospital if you want to get some rest." The vital checks, x-rays, breathing treatments, rounds by doctors and surgeon, and countless other interruptions prevent anyone from getting any privacy or rest. They've been at this hospital thing for almost a month now. They need your prayers for relief and stamina.

Wendy's large incision site is looking great and the Wound V.A.C. continues to help the smaller incision site heal more quickly.

From an emotional standpoint Wendy is hanging in there. She only cries when she talks about the boys. She never complains and is trying very hard to take as little pain medication as possible. She is starting to get used to constant pain.

UC Davis patient, Hunter had a better day yesterday. They had him in an almost sitting position in his bed. It was obvious he was pleased with the upright position, it was almost as if his facial expression was saying, "wow!" He looks much better than last week.

  • Wendy's stomach, intestines, and bowels heal and work together.
  • Wendy and her family get good rest.
  • She is reunited with her boys soon.
  • The large incision site is looking good and the smaller one is looking better every day

Thursday, November 12, 2009

mrs. manzo's bake sale

The River Bluff Spaghetti Dinner and Honorary Mrs. Manzo Bake Sale is only a week away. The event is set for Thursday, November 19th. All proceeds from the spaghetti dinner sales will go to River Bluff. All proceeds from the bake sale will go to Wendy. Spaghetti dinner tickets are $5, bake sale items will range in price. Dinner tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Please buy tickets in advance at the River Bluff office or by contacting PTA member, Julie Jobinger at

The dinner will take place in the River Bluff Elementary Cafeteria
at 1650 West Palo Alto in Fresno. Dinner will be served in two shifts, one from 5:00 - 6:00 pm and the other from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.

Your support of River Bluff and Mrs. Manzo will be greatly appreciated!

tummy troubles...again

Wendy is off of foods again. Her gastrointestinal system is not working and her bowels are even more asleep. Before Wendy can even think about going home she has to start eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom. When Dr. Calhoun's nurse listened to Wendy's stomach today she couldn't hear anything which means there is no movement. She will have an x-ray of her stomach taken today. She will receive all nutrients through the TPN line for at least four more days. All nutrients will be given at night so she has an appetite during the day.

Nurse Sonya, one of Wendy's ICU nurses came up and visited her today. Wendy cried when she saw her and asked for a hug. She told Nurse Sonya, "you don't know how much I miss you." Her visit really lifted Wendy's spirits.

The potassium pills are hard on Wendy. Pray they will give it to her in a liquid form through her TPN line.

  • Her stomach, intestines, and bowels start working together.
  • She can receive potassium through the TPN line.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a bittersweet shower

Wendy woke up feeling not quite right this morning. It wasn't until 2 pm when she vomited A LOT did she start to feel better. Swallowing large pain pills and trying to eat when she has no appetite are most likely the two factors that caused her to be sick. Wendy's chart now requires that all of her large pain pills be split into a smaller, more manageable pieces.

Wendy got a shower today. It was a bittersweet experience. She had her Wound V.A.C. removed before taking her shower. They cleaned the open incision site in the shower and let the water run through it. By the time Wendy got out of the shower she was in a tremendous amount of pain, completely pale, and was shaking uncontrollably from shock. They wrapped her up in a blanket, put her wet hair in a towel, and put her back in bed for an hour. Once she started feel better a surgeon came in and replaced her Wound V.A.C. He did a tremendous job. He was firm, confident, and extremely gentle. It was the easiest and least painful Wound V.A.C. replacement yet!

The TPN tube that delivers proteins, nutrients, and fat is now being tapered. She is now receiving the power packed fluid at a slower rate and for fewer hours in the day. She is drinking a "health shake" with every meal. It takes her 45 minutes to an hour to just take one bite of food. She needs prayers for her appetite to increase and for her stomach to not be upset.

She has started to swell again. Last night her face started to swell and today her arms, legs, hands, and feet started to swell. They aren't sure why. She is receiving Lasix and Potassium again. As soon as she started back on the two drugs her extreme heat flashes returned. She is most likely allergic to one of the two. Unfortunately swelling is more problematic than extreme heat flashes so she'll have to endure them until the swelling goes down.

The ultrasound of Wendy's legs came back with a very positive outcome, no blood clots. Now for the next test. Wendy will have an Electromyography (EMG) test done during one of her check up appointments after she's been released. The test will determine if the nerve damage near the femoral artery is temporary or permanent.

Wendy was feeling better by the end of the day. She was comfortable in bed wearing her freshly laundered little pink booties when she told her mom to head back to her room and get some rest. A better ending to a rough day.

The mother GB just recently met, Letha from Modesto had tremendous new to share today. Letha's youngest son Mark who had both kidneys removed last Saturday has shown great improvement in the last few days. He gets to go home tomorrow! He will receive in home care and will report to the hospital daily for dialysis appointments. GB met and has committed to pray for yet another family in need. A 17 year old named Mark is at UC Davis trying to find a ventilator that works well for him. He has had severe health issues his entire life. Pray he responds well to treatments and finds a ventilator that brings him relief. GB asked if she could add their family to Wendy's blog. They were so appreciative and thankful to know that a large group of prayerful people would be remembering them.

  • Wendy swallows the smaller section of pills more easily.
  • Her appetite returns and increases.
  • The swelling goes away so the extreme heat spells can go away.
  • The gentle and patient surgeon that reinstalled the Wound V.A.C. so smoothly.
  • No blood clots in her legs!
  • Clean pink booties on her feet at the end of a long day.
Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

four walks

Wendy's physical therapy assignment today was to go on four walks. Wendy went on four walks! She doesn't qualify for physical rehabilitation while at the hospital because she has full use of her arms and can take a few steps with a walker. She will most likely qualify for out-patient rehabilitation when she gets home.

Her right leg is still numb. They did an ultrasound of both legs today, looking for blood clots or any other potential problems.

Wendy's PCA Infusion Pump will be removed tomorrow. She will no longer be able to give herself pain medicine. She started on a Fentanyl patch today. The pain medicine from the patch will be absorbed by the skin and transferred throughout her body via her fat cells. They are hopeful the patch will work well for Wendy because it moves through the body in an even and continuous manner.

The Wound V.A.C. is working well! The incision site is shrinking, looking less red, and is successfully being healed from the inside out. Nurses continue to be Betadine, a broad spectrum topical microbicide on Wendy's large incision site to protect it from infection.

One of Wendy's favorite ICU nurses, Nurse Stacie stopped by to wish her well and to say goodbye before her two week vacation time started. Nurse Stacie put together an extremely thoughtful gift for Wendy while she was still in the ICU. Wendy was told she couldn't wear makeup, deodorant, lotion, etc., during her surgery. Wendy misunderstood and thought she couldn't have personal necessities during surgery AND while she was in the ICU. After it was quite clear that Wendy would be in the ICU for awhile, Nurse Stacie brought Wendy a little purple purse filled with travel size toiletries, lotions, and nail polish. An incredibly generous and thoughtful gesture from a very special nurse. Wendy and her family wish Nurse Stacie and her family a fun trip to Disneyland.

Wendy is feeling less anxious today. Her family's presence today after a long, sleepless, frightening night brought her much needed security and relief.

Wendy is being weaned off of her TPN line and will continually receive less calories and nutrients from it. She needs to start eating more food. She will now receive 6 ounce health shakes that are packed with calories and nutrients at every meal.

GB met and prayed with yet another mother today. Letha from Modesto has three grown sons that all have a genetic disease called Polycystic kidney disease. All three men have suffered with severe health issues as a result their entire lives. Letha's oldest son Keith is waiting for a kidney and liver transplant at a hospital in San Francisco. Her youngest son is at UC Davis Medical Center in the ICU, recovering after having both of his kidneys removed last Saturday. GB said she'd have Wendy's prayer warriors add Letha and her sons to their prayers. Letha said she would call her church and have Wendy's name added to the prayer list. The power of relationships, prayer, and God's love continues to spread.

  • The ultrasound shows no blood clots and her legs look good.
  • Her right leg continues to regain feeling and movement.
  • The Fentanyl patch works and she is able to cope with the pain.
  • She eats enough and sleeps well.
  • Amazing nurses like Nurse Stacie that love on Wendy and give her comfort through thoughtful gestures.
  • The Wound V.A.C. is helping her incision site heal.
  • She went on four walks.
  • Wendy is less anxious thanks to the physical presence of her husband and parents and the constant presence of our Heavenly Father.
Oh Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our
salvation in time of distress. Isaiah 33:2

new floor, hard night

Wendy had an awful night and experienced her lowest point since being in the hospital. She is having an extremely difficult time making the transition to a new floor. The change has really affected her emotionally, mentally, and physically. Dr. Calhoun knew it would be a hard transition, but didn't know it would be this tough on her.

Wendy didn't sleep at all last night. New nurses, sharing a room, delayed food trays, unfamiliarity of a new space all made it impossible for her to relax. Dr. Calhoun said she desperately needs sleep. Without sleep she won't have enough energy to adequately complete her physical therapy. She also needs to start eating more. She needs calories for much needed energy.

She has absolutely NO set date for going home. Her recovery will be evaluated day by day.

CB met up with and checked in on a few of the people you have been asked to add to your prayer list. Hunter had his tracheotomy today. The procedure went well. He is heavily sedated at the moment. Vincent smiled for the first time today since his accident on September 27th. His sisters said this last weekend was very scary and they almost lost him. CB shared with them that he though for certain it was the power of prayer that got him through the weekend. Two more of his sisters will be arriving from Holland on Saturday. CB, GB, and Sylvia met up for breakfast at the Kiwanis Family House this morning. The three prayed for a little baby named Madison that had surgery at 5:30 am. They encouraged Sylvia to not be afraid to pray and talk to God. Sylvia was excited to report that she read the first two chapters of John last night.

The Kiwanis Family House is a sanctuary for families that are at UC Davis Medical Center with hospitalized relatives. CB got a chance to meet and thank the founder of the Kiwanis Family House today. Wendy's family has been so thankful for a close and comfortable place to end their long days. They are also thankful and blessed by the many incredible encounters they've had with people like Evonne, Michael, and Sylvia at the Kiwanis Family House. The Kiwanis Family House is filled with opportunities for conversations that open the doors for God's love to be heard and accepted.

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Samuel 22:33

Monday, November 9, 2009

22 days later...

Wendy's move from the ICU to the 6th floor was emotional. She had a hard time saying goodbye to her nurses and the ICU staff that has cared for her with such compassion and love for the past 22 days. Wendy has a neighbor in her new room. Her neighbor is expected to be in the room for at least 2-3 more days.

Dr. Calhoun expressed his deepest regards to Wendy's family tonight. He thought she would have been home by now. Unfortunately too many complications arose.

Please pray for Wendy tonight, her first night in a new room on a new floor. She is trying very hard to be brave, but she still wishes she was in the comfort of the familiar and attentive ICU. There was a food mix up tonight and she had to wait until 7:30 pm for her dinner to arrive. A delayed food tray would never have happened in the ICU. Pray for her comfort, strength, and peace tonight.

one way ticket out

Wendy is leaving the ICU! She is holding a "one way ticket" Marissa made for her, waiting to be transferred to the recovery floor.

I just received a phone call from her sharing the tremendous news! Her voice was shaky, yet it was very much Wendy. Sweet, gentle, and loving as ever as she shared her good news. She is being released from the ICU this afternoon and will be transferred to a recovery room on the sixth floor.

She shared that she'll have to write a book when she gets out of the hospital and title it, "My Life in the ICU". She said she didn't remember anything about the first week after surgery and it is probably a good thing. The second week she remembers bits and pieces and started to feel the pain. The third week she has experienced tremendous physical pain as she feels her incision sites, struggles with stomach issues, and itchiness, among the array of other pains. She is also experiencing tremendous emotional pain, being away from her sons, husband, family, and friends. She misses her life and home. She said she has made a mental commitment to get home as soon as possible.

She is anxious about the move out of the ICU. She is afraid of sharing a room with another patient. She is fearful that the nurses won't be able to get to her in time if she needs their help. She is worried the nurses won't hear her pushing a button for help. Please pray that Wendy feels at peace and the transition from the ICU to a recovery room goes smoothly. Pray the nurses she has on this new floor are just as amazing and attentive as the ICU nurses were. Pray Wendy heals with accelerated speed and that the next step in recovery is her going home. Pray she goes home soon!

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. Psalms 28:7

pushing past the pain

The stomach x-ray Wendy had done yesterday showed no blockage. Wendy's surgeon, Dr. Calhoun has decided to start weaning her off of narcotics. Narcotics can cause severe issues with the stomach, intestines, and bowels. The narcotics seem to be disagreeing with Wendy in a bad way. Dr. Calhoun said Wendy is going to have to teach her body how to deal with the pain and learn how to push through it. She will start to receive Super Motrin and Percocet every three to four hours while the narcotics are being removed from her system.

Wendy is no longer receiving breathing treatments every six hours. She will only receive two in a 24 hour period from here on out. Her lung is getting stronger and is staying healthy!

She got six hours (not all at one time) of sleep last night.

Wendy is still not receiving nearly enough calories, vitamins, or minerals from food. She will continue to receive nutrients through an iv line. She still has blisters on the back of her tongue but her mouth and throat are not as sore.

Her Wound V.A.C. is going to be changed every other day rather than every three days. Changing of the Wound V.A.C. is not a fun process and is quite painful. She and her family are always relieved when the process is over. Her incision site where the Wound V.A.C. is inserted is shrinking and is looking better every day.

It is imperative Wendy continue to push herself to eat food, walk, and sit up. All of these activities will aid her body in waking up her gastrointestinal system. In order for the stomach, bowels, and intestines to work, they must be harmonious. There is disarray if they don't all work together. Wendy is definitely experiencing painful disarray in her tummy right now.

CB and GB continue to meet people that are lost, broken, scared, and are in the fight of their human lives at UC Davis Medical Center. They met Silvia, a 70 year old Apache Indian at UC Davis for neck and back surgery this morning in the Kiwanis Family House kitchen. After talking for awhile the conversation turned towards their respective children. The Becketts shared about Wendy, her cancer, surgery, and fight to recovery. Silvia shared about her son, John that she lost so many years ago when he passed away at seven years old. Her next statement opened the door for CB and GB to help change her life. Sylvia said, "I wonder if I'll ever see him again." The Becketts assured her she could through eternal salvation made possible by Jesus Christ. After prayer and more lengthy conversation Sylvia accepted Christ into her heart and exclaimed, "I'm going to see John again!"

CB and GB say, "Wendy is improving and her physical strength is coming back. We were able to witness to another soul today and have the blessed opportunity to spread the word and love of God. We have much to be thankful for. Praise the Lord."

  • The Super Motrin and Percocet keep her pain at bay enough so she can teach her body how to "push through the pain."
  • The blisters on the back of her tongue heal.
  • Wendy's gastrointestinal system is completely healed and free from distension and pain.
  • Only two breathing treatments a day now.
  • Her incision site is shrinking and healing well.