Sunday, February 14, 2010

two special days in one

Wendy's birthday and Valentine's day all in one. All of us who follow The Manzo Family blog join together to pray and wish Wendy good health, much love and a very happy 31st year.

"Love is a friendship set to music." - E. Joseph Cossman
"And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
- Abe Lincoln


  1. Oh Wendy,
    Our computer was down for a week and it's finally up and running. The very first thing I did was check to see how all of you were doing. When Georgia is feeling overwhelmed by something I always ask the question; how do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. Take it one bite at a time my dear friend and try to enjoy the feast.
    Tracy Bright

  2. Hello Mrs.Manzo We wish you a very happy and healthy birthday!!!!!!!You deserve 100 more happy happy birthdays to enjoy with your family.I'm praying for you every time I remember for your quick recovery.Abigail R.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Wendy!!! Praying for complete and total healing!! I pray for strength each day at PT. You are an amazing women! I know that GOD has many good plans for you in your future!! God Bless you!!
    Hugs! Debbie

  4. Hi Wendy! Haven't seen a post from you in a few weeks. I hope that means you are busy, on your feet and doing well. You still have many prayer warriors out here and we sure would love to know how you're doing with your PT and recovery so post soon! God bless you!