Saturday, January 9, 2010

christmas and progress

Wendy has been adjusting to the lowered pain patch pretty well but is definitely feeling more back and incision pain. She's had to increase her oral pain medication slightly because of this. She has not thrown up in three days and she thanks the Lord for that! She will be heading back to UC Davis next week for a few appointments. She has to meet with her surgeon again, as she hasn't seen him for almost two months. She has to see an oncologist who specializes in thymoma cancer to make a plan for the next few months. She also has to get a CT scan to make sure all is "still clear." She is apprehensive about the long car ride and a very long day. Please pray for Wendy's nausea to continue to lessen every day, her back and incision pain to lessen as well, and in advance for the long day she'll have at Davis next week. Wendy has yet another stye in her eye. Pray for healing. Pray she doesn't get anymore styes!

Wendy, Micah, Skyler, and Jadon want to say THANK YOU once again for all who took part in making their Christmas amazing. They also want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the meals that are being delivered. It is such a blessing for them and they are truly grateful.


  1. Wendy,
    I don't know what route you take to go to Davis but if it's Hwy 99 we are just off the highway in Modesto and would be happy to be a "pit/rest" stop for you on your way up and/or back. I can give you directions if you'd like them.

    Lani Turner (Cari's Mom)

  2. Hello Mrs. Manzo! I'm so happy for you because you haven't throw up for the last three days,that's so good.I hope you have a confortable ride to the hospital next week.Abigail R.

  3. Hello Wendy,
    you do not know me at all, I am a youth pastor in Iceland in the salvation army.
    I heard abaout your cancer from Debbie Hasalet.
    I have been praying for you now for about a month and I will not stop untill you are completly healed.
    God gave me a burden for you and your family and if you ever nedd to talk or need me to pray for something special you can just send me an email and we can talk
    my email is
    hope you are feeling good to day:)

    love from Iceland

    Valdís Samúelsdóttir

  4. Hello Dear Wendy, I am thinking about you today. I am glad to hear that you are in remission and hopefully soon the pain and nausea will be all in the past. Love you Wendy.