Sunday, January 3, 2010

a new year and health requested

Happy New Year from the Manzo Family! They pray that 2010 is filled with
health and joy for all they know and love.

Wendy transitioned home in time for Christmas. It has been a big adjustment. She's had some good days but overall she still doesn't have much energy. The boys long to climb on her, play, and engage with her non-stop. Unfortunately Wendy just doesn't have the energy to fully devote herself to them yet. It has been hard for Wendy to not pick up at home where she left off. She is definitely still in major recovery mode.

Wendy has been showing signs of complications recently. She saw her local doctor and had some tests done. Blood tests show she has Clostridium Difficile again. Wendy first had C. difficile while in the hospital. C. difficile is an infection of the colon caused by C. difficile bacterium that occurs primarily among individuals who have been using antibiotics. It is the most common infection acquired by patients while they are in the hospital. She is on antibiotics to treat the C. difficile but is having an extremely hard time swallowing and keeping them down. She continues to have little to no appetite, vomits often, and is continuing to lose weight. She is hoping to get an appointment with her local doctor tomorrow. In addition to antibiotics, she needs to know what she needs to do to get better. Wendy is definitely not well right now. Pray her doctor can give her some good advice and help her get healthy as soon as possible. Wendy's state of "not-well" is exhausting.

Wendy was discharged from her home health nurse because she no longer required wound care after the Wound V.A.C. was removed. Unfortunately in the last couple of days her wound has started to show signs of possible complications and isn't looking as good as it was when she was released from her nurse's care.

Micah could use your prayers for strength, patience, and endurance as he is Wendy's full time nurse, cares for the boys, and runs the household. Pray for Skyler and Jadon that they understand that there mommy is healing and still can't give her full self to them. The Manzo family is still in a valley. Pray for them.

He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases. Matthew 8:17


  1. Manzos,
    We are all still here for you. We will continue to pray for healing and patience. Please understand, there is an army of your followers out here waiting to help in anyway needed. If you need help with the kids(taking them off your hands for a while), doing house work, or mowing the lawn, this is the kind of work we mommies and daddies do well. Ask and you shall receive. We love you all so much.
    The Bright Family

  2. I was thinking about you this morning and then saw that you had updated your blog.

    Praying for you, Micah and the boys.

  3. Prayers are continuing to go for you dear Wendy!!! God is so much bigger than all of this! He is healing you!!
    Here is a fast reciepe to make a fresh yummy smoothie! It is easy on the tummy! And so healthy for you. Hope it helps you!!

    Half carton smooth tofu.
    half a cup of frozen strawberries
    half cup of frozen blueberries.
    half of a banana
    some crushed ice...or you can use some soy milk or regular milk if you would like.
    blend to smooth!
    Pour into a glass and sip and enjoy!
    We have used this through many pregnancies, you know, that old mornings sickness, and through my own illness. It is so good for your body, and seems easy to swallow and keep down!!! Give it a try Wendy! I pray it helps and brings some much needed good food to your body!!! Hugs sweetheart!!! And Know that GOD IS WITH YOU!
    love, Debbie Hazelet

  4. Mrs. Manzo I hope you feel good today.Not even for one second doubt that God is with you,He loves you the same way you love your children,every second of the day he is been rigth there whit you holding your hand and rubbing your head.My family and I been praying for you.God bless you and your family.Abigail Rodriguez.

  5. Still praying for you!! Praying for healing and rest for all family members. Hoping 2010 becomes a year of strength and that God reveals Himself more and more to you and in your life! - Katelyn