Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a day at davis

Wendy needs your attentive and special prayers while she and Micah are at UC Davis today. She has three appointments and is feeling scared and overwhelmed. Pray she isn't nauseous, especially in the morning. She is hoping for good insight from Dr. Calhoun on the nausea and vomiting. She will be meeting Dr. Lara, her new oncologist. She hopes he will be happy with her scans and will not have to recommend chemotherapy. Please pray she has a painless IV and that the CT scan is quick and easy. Pray especially for Wendy during the following times today...

9:20 appointment with new oncologist, Dr. Lara
10:45 CT scan
1:30 appointment with Dr. Calhoun

They will wrap up a long day with a long drive home. Pray she is comfortable during the drive and they arrive home safely. Be in touch for updates and pray continuously today.

Words from a beautiful song that continue to bring Wendy comfort...
"When my world is shaking heaven stands.
When my heart is breaking I never leave Your hands."
- JJ Heller


  1. Prayers are going up right now for you Wendy!!!! We know Our GOD is bigger than all of these!!! He will bring you healing and peace!!!! Hugs to you!!!!
    Love, Debbie Hazelet

  2. Mrs. Manzo, Praying for good news,keep your faith high, no matter what.Abigail.