Monday, November 9, 2009

pushing past the pain

The stomach x-ray Wendy had done yesterday showed no blockage. Wendy's surgeon, Dr. Calhoun has decided to start weaning her off of narcotics. Narcotics can cause severe issues with the stomach, intestines, and bowels. The narcotics seem to be disagreeing with Wendy in a bad way. Dr. Calhoun said Wendy is going to have to teach her body how to deal with the pain and learn how to push through it. She will start to receive Super Motrin and Percocet every three to four hours while the narcotics are being removed from her system.

Wendy is no longer receiving breathing treatments every six hours. She will only receive two in a 24 hour period from here on out. Her lung is getting stronger and is staying healthy!

She got six hours (not all at one time) of sleep last night.

Wendy is still not receiving nearly enough calories, vitamins, or minerals from food. She will continue to receive nutrients through an iv line. She still has blisters on the back of her tongue but her mouth and throat are not as sore.

Her Wound V.A.C. is going to be changed every other day rather than every three days. Changing of the Wound V.A.C. is not a fun process and is quite painful. She and her family are always relieved when the process is over. Her incision site where the Wound V.A.C. is inserted is shrinking and is looking better every day.

It is imperative Wendy continue to push herself to eat food, walk, and sit up. All of these activities will aid her body in waking up her gastrointestinal system. In order for the stomach, bowels, and intestines to work, they must be harmonious. There is disarray if they don't all work together. Wendy is definitely experiencing painful disarray in her tummy right now.

CB and GB continue to meet people that are lost, broken, scared, and are in the fight of their human lives at UC Davis Medical Center. They met Silvia, a 70 year old Apache Indian at UC Davis for neck and back surgery this morning in the Kiwanis Family House kitchen. After talking for awhile the conversation turned towards their respective children. The Becketts shared about Wendy, her cancer, surgery, and fight to recovery. Silvia shared about her son, John that she lost so many years ago when he passed away at seven years old. Her next statement opened the door for CB and GB to help change her life. Sylvia said, "I wonder if I'll ever see him again." The Becketts assured her she could through eternal salvation made possible by Jesus Christ. After prayer and more lengthy conversation Sylvia accepted Christ into her heart and exclaimed, "I'm going to see John again!"

CB and GB say, "Wendy is improving and her physical strength is coming back. We were able to witness to another soul today and have the blessed opportunity to spread the word and love of God. We have much to be thankful for. Praise the Lord."

  • The Super Motrin and Percocet keep her pain at bay enough so she can teach her body how to "push through the pain."
  • The blisters on the back of her tongue heal.
  • Wendy's gastrointestinal system is completely healed and free from distension and pain.
  • Only two breathing treatments a day now.
  • Her incision site is shrinking and healing well.

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  1. So happy to hear the news that you are out of ICU! What wonderful news to hear Wendy. We think of you so much during the day and night. Praying for you that very soon you will be home with your beautiful family. We love all of you so much! What a blessing all of you have been to so many others that are going thru such hard times there at the hospital. The souls that have found Jesus. How wonderful is that. Love you all. Jerri and Eulis