Tuesday, November 3, 2009

words of thanksgiving from cb

Wendy's white blood cell count is down from 23 to 19 today, but she has a fever and it is continuing to creep up. Her bowels are still not working. A GI (gastrointestinal) specialist evaluated Wendy's stomach and bowels today. If antibiotics and other medications don't help her bowels get going there is talk of her needing to have a colonoscopy.

Wendy had her fingernails and toenails done, had her feet soaked, got a back rub, and her hair washed and combed by the nurses. Wendy's dad said, "she's starting to look like Miss America."

She is continuing to walk well and did it twice today. She walked through the ICU double doors and five feet more than her personal record. She is persevering through the pain and physical discomfort.

The staples were removed from both incision sites today. They taped her large surgery incision site closed. It is healing well. The area under her incision site near her groin is still infected. They are utilizing a procedure called debridement to remove the infection. They open the site and pack it full of dry gauze. The gauze soaks up dead cells, excess fluid, and bacteria. They unpacked and repacked the site with gauze twice today. They will most likely do it again tonight when they take an x-ray of her lung. As you can imagine this is extremely uncomfortable and painful. Please pray this procedure doesn't last much longer and that the bacteria and infection is eliminated quickly.

Pain management is a constant and never ending saga for Wendy. Giving her enough pain relief, but not too much that she is groggy requires continual evaluation. They approach her pain relief management hour by hour, day by day. She is still in an extreme amount of pain.

Her NG tube was removed today. Wendy's surgeon Dr. Calhoun came in and said, "Wendy, you look like a rose with a tube up your nose!" before pulling it out. Removal of the tube was extremely painful. Even the nurses grimaced and flinched when it was pulled out. But it is out!

Wendy is not only in physical pain but her heart is in pain too. She misses her babies. She got to see Halloween pictures of the boys tonight and a look of heart brokenness immediately flowed over her face. Being away from her boys has been the hardest part of this entire journey. Separation from them is more painful than the physical pain she continues to endure. She wants them back in her arms.

Tonight's post is not just about Wendy. Wendy and her family have made many incredible connections with doctors, nurses, staff, and other patients and families. CB has been caring for Wendy for the last couple of days. During those days he not only loved on his daughter but connected and witnessed God's love with many others, including patients and their families. Others need your prayer too. Others are fighting for their lives at UC Davis Medical Center. CB has asked for prayer for the following people.

Vincent from Holland was in Sacramento on a work assignment. A generator exploded in his face. 80% of his body is covered in burns. He is currently in the ICU burn unit. He has eleven brothers and sisters that live in Holland. His siblings are coming to the US, two by two to be with their brother.

Hunter an 18 year old has been in the ICU for three weeks. He fell off the hood of a car and was run over while "car surfing." Half of his face was torn off. He is in a coma and had emergency surgery today. His parents and three siblings need your prayers. Hunter needs a miracle.

Ron is unconscious and healing after surgery and a liver transplant. Ron, his wife, and daughter need prayer for healing and their salvation.

Please add these three names and their families to your prayers.

Wendy told her dad last night, "if one person comes to know Jesus through this it will have been worth it." How about if two come to know Jesus, in less than 24 hours? Evonne a receptionist and hard working single mom at the Kiwanis Family House rededicated her life to Christ after conversations with CB today. A young man, Michael has been at the UC Davis Medical Center for two weeks now. He has cancer and receives chemotherapy daily. CB met Michael yesterday morning in the cafeteria. He felt the Holy Spirit prompting him to start up a conversation. CB talked to Michael about God being the ultimate healer. He asked Michael if he had every asked Jesus into his heart. Michael had not. After praying for Michael he asked him if he would like to ask Jesus into his heart. He said he'd have to think about it. CB asked if he could see him the following morning, Michael agreed. That night CB, along with some of his close family and friends prayed for Michael. This morning after another conversation about Jesus, Michael's salvation, and more prayer Michael accepted the Lord as his personal Savior.

GOD is so great. HIS plan, so perfect.

And so from the words of CB, "To God be the glory for what he has done. CB and GB love all of you."

  • Debridement of her incision site is successful and doesn't last much longer.
  • Her pain is managed well.
  • Wendy's heart is protected and is filled with ultimate peace while she is away from Skyler and Jadon.
  • Her bowels start working good as new. No colonoscopy.
Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Hebrews 13:8


  1. This has been an AMAZING day! God is good and continues to prove how incredible He is. My ENTIRE family is praying for you, immediate and extended!!! We love you!

  2. It has been a long week and a half. I'm sure there are moments that seem like days and days that have seemed like years. I think about you constantly and pray for you every time. I'm thanking God for all the progress you have made and the healing He is working in you. I'm praying too for your witness to all those you have in contact with. You are influencing lives in great ways, even through your intense pain.
    I'm glad you were able to have some pampering done to help you feel more beautiful. It's wonderful hearing about all the people who support ad love you.
    Praying for your husband and boys. I know this has got to be tough for them not having you healthy and close to them. God is faithful and will take care of their needs during this time.