Monday, November 2, 2009

wendy the record breaker

Today was challenging, yet one of her best.

The bedside surgery went well. She was heavily sedated and they used local anesthesia on the areas they worked on. It lasted about 45 minutes. Her surgeon and three other doctors opened the smaller incision near her groin and cleaned it out and drained fluid. They left the incision open and packed with gauze. They are changing the gauze every couple of hours. They accessed her right side with a needle and syringe. The fluid from her side (where her right lung used to be) along with the fluid from beneath her incision site will be tested for infection. Her white blood cell count is still up so they know her body is fighting some type of infection. Preliminary test results will be back tomorrow. Final results will take up to three days. Her doctors said she will not remember this afternoon.

Despite the bedside surgery, being heavily sedated most of the afternoon, new iv bags and tubes to tote around, and an open incision packed with gauze Wendy walked her farthest length yet at around 4:45 pm this evening. After her long walk she sat in a chair for a half an hour. She was so exhausted by the time she got back to bed she fell asleep mid-sentence. She slept well for an hour and a half.

Time for the family switcheroo again. Wendy's support team needs your prayers as they travel and regroup. Wade's flight leaves at 6 am tomorrow morning. CB and GB will trade cars and duties in Modesto tomorrow afternoon. Micah is sick...again. He was at UC Davis today but couldn't even go in Wendy's room. The risk of additional infection is just too great. Micah will be heading home to heal and care for their boys. Being away from Wendy is extremely hard on Micah, but he knows it is best for her at this point.

  • Wendy continues to make incredible physical progress.
  • The source of infection is found and is eliminated.
  • She feels less anxious.
  • Micah's body is free of infection so he can be with his wife.
  • Wendy's support team as they travel up and down the state.
  • Her beside surgery was successful.
  • She continues to push herself physically, breaking personal bests daily.
"Jesus, by your grace I grow still for a moment and I hear you say, 'Courage! It's me! Don't be afraid. I place my trust in your presence and your love.' Thank you." Brennan Manning

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