Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new floor, hard night

Wendy had an awful night and experienced her lowest point since being in the hospital. She is having an extremely difficult time making the transition to a new floor. The change has really affected her emotionally, mentally, and physically. Dr. Calhoun knew it would be a hard transition, but didn't know it would be this tough on her.

Wendy didn't sleep at all last night. New nurses, sharing a room, delayed food trays, unfamiliarity of a new space all made it impossible for her to relax. Dr. Calhoun said she desperately needs sleep. Without sleep she won't have enough energy to adequately complete her physical therapy. She also needs to start eating more. She needs calories for much needed energy.

She has absolutely NO set date for going home. Her recovery will be evaluated day by day.

CB met up with and checked in on a few of the people you have been asked to add to your prayer list. Hunter had his tracheotomy today. The procedure went well. He is heavily sedated at the moment. Vincent smiled for the first time today since his accident on September 27th. His sisters said this last weekend was very scary and they almost lost him. CB shared with them that he though for certain it was the power of prayer that got him through the weekend. Two more of his sisters will be arriving from Holland on Saturday. CB, GB, and Sylvia met up for breakfast at the Kiwanis Family House this morning. The three prayed for a little baby named Madison that had surgery at 5:30 am. They encouraged Sylvia to not be afraid to pray and talk to God. Sylvia was excited to report that she read the first two chapters of John last night.

The Kiwanis Family House is a sanctuary for families that are at UC Davis Medical Center with hospitalized relatives. CB got a chance to meet and thank the founder of the Kiwanis Family House today. Wendy's family has been so thankful for a close and comfortable place to end their long days. They are also thankful and blessed by the many incredible encounters they've had with people like Evonne, Michael, and Sylvia at the Kiwanis Family House. The Kiwanis Family House is filled with opportunities for conversations that open the doors for God's love to be heard and accepted.

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Samuel 22:33


  1. Wendy...I know this is sooo much harder than you expected...keep your thoughts on God Wendy and He will see you through this terrible ordeal. It must seem impossible, but I know you CAN persevere because you ARE an incredibly strong woman of faith. Psalm 29:11 is my prayer for you today...may "the Lord give you strength and bless you with peace".

  2. Hello Mrs.Manzo Just keep your faith high,"when you are going through the hardest time ,is because God is holding you in his arms".

  3. Wendy I can't imagine what this has all been like but remember we are all waiting for you when you get out. I pray that you'll have a peace of mind, so you can get as much as rest as possible. May you have sweet dreams of your kiddos and times of joy and peace. You are another step closer to being home. I am already thinking of title names for your book (the one you should write about your experience in the ICU). WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!! LOVE KAREN HULING