Tuesday, November 10, 2009

four walks

Wendy's physical therapy assignment today was to go on four walks. Wendy went on four walks! She doesn't qualify for physical rehabilitation while at the hospital because she has full use of her arms and can take a few steps with a walker. She will most likely qualify for out-patient rehabilitation when she gets home.

Her right leg is still numb. They did an ultrasound of both legs today, looking for blood clots or any other potential problems.

Wendy's PCA Infusion Pump will be removed tomorrow. She will no longer be able to give herself pain medicine. She started on a Fentanyl patch today. The pain medicine from the patch will be absorbed by the skin and transferred throughout her body via her fat cells. They are hopeful the patch will work well for Wendy because it moves through the body in an even and continuous manner.

The Wound V.A.C. is working well! The incision site is shrinking, looking less red, and is successfully being healed from the inside out. Nurses continue to be Betadine, a broad spectrum topical microbicide on Wendy's large incision site to protect it from infection.

One of Wendy's favorite ICU nurses, Nurse Stacie stopped by to wish her well and to say goodbye before her two week vacation time started. Nurse Stacie put together an extremely thoughtful gift for Wendy while she was still in the ICU. Wendy was told she couldn't wear makeup, deodorant, lotion, etc., during her surgery. Wendy misunderstood and thought she couldn't have personal necessities during surgery AND while she was in the ICU. After it was quite clear that Wendy would be in the ICU for awhile, Nurse Stacie brought Wendy a little purple purse filled with travel size toiletries, lotions, and nail polish. An incredibly generous and thoughtful gesture from a very special nurse. Wendy and her family wish Nurse Stacie and her family a fun trip to Disneyland.

Wendy is feeling less anxious today. Her family's presence today after a long, sleepless, frightening night brought her much needed security and relief.

Wendy is being weaned off of her TPN line and will continually receive less calories and nutrients from it. She needs to start eating more food. She will now receive 6 ounce health shakes that are packed with calories and nutrients at every meal.

GB met and prayed with yet another mother today. Letha from Modesto has three grown sons that all have a genetic disease called Polycystic kidney disease. All three men have suffered with severe health issues as a result their entire lives. Letha's oldest son Keith is waiting for a kidney and liver transplant at a hospital in San Francisco. Her youngest son is at UC Davis Medical Center in the ICU, recovering after having both of his kidneys removed last Saturday. GB said she'd have Wendy's prayer warriors add Letha and her sons to their prayers. Letha said she would call her church and have Wendy's name added to the prayer list. The power of relationships, prayer, and God's love continues to spread.

  • The ultrasound shows no blood clots and her legs look good.
  • Her right leg continues to regain feeling and movement.
  • The Fentanyl patch works and she is able to cope with the pain.
  • She eats enough and sleeps well.
  • Amazing nurses like Nurse Stacie that love on Wendy and give her comfort through thoughtful gestures.
  • The Wound V.A.C. is helping her incision site heal.
  • She went on four walks.
  • Wendy is less anxious thanks to the physical presence of her husband and parents and the constant presence of our Heavenly Father.
Oh Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our
salvation in time of distress. Isaiah 33:2


  1. Wendy Manzo! Listen up my friend...you are amazing. Hold tight on to your faith and know that through each step of your recovery...GOD is with you. I know it is scary sometimes...just hold on to the good thoughts through them. I wish I could just come and hold your hand or give you big hug. Everyone is looking out for you friend...have faith in them. Smile if you get a chance. Love,Cari

  2. Four walks!!! Mama Manzo, that's as good as a turkey strike!!! I'm doing the tippy toe stance just for you my friend :-) The faith of a mustard seed Wendy....love ya Kat

  3. Yeah!!! I am so happy that you are out of ICU. Just a little more to go and you will be home in no time. You are still very much in our prayers. Remember that God has you and your family in his hands. Love ya!

  4. So happy to hear your time on the new floor is getting better! I know you want to keep your connection with the world outside the hospital so I thought I would share with you some good news... we have a new baby!! We are adopting her, naming her Hannaniah (Niah for short). She is 6 months old and cute as can be! I have a couple pictures on my facebook profile when you feel up to looking. Her toothless grin ought to make you smile! - Katelyn

  5. Mrs.Manzo It is wonderful to know that you took four walks yesterday,that means a lot for every one that cares about you.I can't wait until hear the good news that you are going home.The best medicine for you will be staying close to your family,especially your kids and your husband.Please Mrs.Manzo try your hardest every day,every minute and every second...is worth it.Abigail.

  6. Wendy, We are so happy to see your fighting spirit. We pray for you daily for a speedy and fast recovery. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. You are truly amazing!!!

    Love The Pointer Family

  7. Good progress!
    I will also be thinking of you at night. Sounds like it has been a rough go when the sun goes down.
    Much love.

  8. Dear Wendy,

    It's Veteran's Day--a day set aside to honor all those heros who sacrificed so much for their country. Well, you get a Purple Heart today for your bravery and determination! With God, all things are possible! Love ya. Unc Ron

  9. Your such a STAR Wendy! So proud of your progress. Your my hero! Praying for you and your precious family. The Patterson family loves you very much. Praying that wherever you may be that God will just fill you with such peace and love and all fear, and anxiety will be gone.

  10. Hello Wendy,

    You don't know me, but I found your blog through my sister-in-law's blog. You are truly a fighter! You are an inspiration to all those whom you have touched. I catch up with your health every night and I pray that God will heal you. I can't imagine the pain you are suffering. However, I see the spirit of God that lives within you. You radiate His love! God's speed my sister in Christ. The Lord is with you, your sweet boys, your husband and your family.