Saturday, November 14, 2009

pickles please

Wendy was extremely nauseous again today. When she is this nauseous it really sets her back, making it impossible for her to eat and walk. She couldn't even focus on the directions her PT was giving her because she was so on the verge of throwing up. She ended up vomiting in the late afternoon and finally felt some temporary relief.

The pain team is continuing to taper off the pain medicine she can receive through her PCA Infusion Pump. She is now receiving Norco every two hours. Four hours in between pills was just too long. She is still in an extreme amount of pain.

Wendy's dad read her more comments from the blog tonight. She just listened and cried. She is so humbled and overwhelmed.

Wendy unintentionally sat in a chair for four consecutive hours today. Her feet were swollen beyond a pregnant person's feet. Her mom had to rub her feet before she could even attempt to stand up. When her feet and legs swell to this extent it takes a long time for the pain to go away. Wendy requests special prayer for her swollen feet and legs because it is so painful.

She is still receiving nutrients from the TPN line, but only at night, which has made her hungrier during the day. She received soft foods tonight, but because she was so hungry she requested something more substantial. She asked for a turkey sandwich but because they were out ended up eating a hamburger. She was hesitant that the hamburger might be too rich, but her nurse encouraged her to try it. Boy was she glad she ended up with a hamburger because it came with pickles. She piled all four pickles onto that burger. The pickles tasted like pure perfection. Tonight's pickles reminded her of Jadon. Whenever she goes through the drive-thru with the boys Jadon always requests a cheeseburger with NO pickles. He continually reminds her, "no pickles" all they way up until she orders. When she places the order she always asks Jadon, "you want ten pickles right?" The story made her laugh and then cry. She went on to say that she believes the Lord helped her block the boys out of her mind until now. In the last day and a half she has really been struck with an intense pain in her heart and cannot stop thinking about them. She misses her husband and boys so much.

Wendy is hoping she can continue to walk, eat, drink, and have happy bowels. It is imperative she has success in all four areas. Please pray that she improves daily so she can go home soon. The days are passing more slowly now that she is aware.

Hunter was released from the ICU today. He is now in a recovery room!

  • No nausea and no swelling!
  • She gets relief from Norco and the reduced amount of medicine she receives from the PCA.
  • The following days of recovery pass quickly so she can go home.
This is what the Lord God says: I, myself,
will search for my sheep and take care of them. Ezekiel 34:11


  1. Wendy- I want to hum the theme from Rocky while reading all this! You are an amazing woman and God has prepared you for this fight since the day you were born. When you feel knocked down - know that you are loved- you are covered in prayer and you are being cheered on! Much love from the Aharts ;) Gerri

  2. Hi Wendy! Wow...I am amazed by all of have been through so much and you sound so very strong. You clearly have such loving family and friends. I can't wait for you to get home to your boys...
    I don't know if you remember me...I am Bill's sister. I am a pediatric dietitian in Virginia right now. I am sooo happy to read this those pickles! Eat whatever you crave right now, even if it isn't "healthy"!

    I will be thinking about you! :) Carmen