Tuesday, November 17, 2009

pizza snack

Today's mid-afternoon update was written by Wendy!

"Sonya, my beloved day nurse from the ICU, just came up to visit for the 2nd time. She took my mom back down with her and is sending me back up pizza - pepperoni, mushroom, and olive, my favorite kind - for a treat. I'm hungry for my afternoon snack and oh, what a great surprise. YUM!!!! It doesn't take much these days to thrill me. Yep...really learning to appreciate the little things."


  1. Hi! Mrs.Manzo it's nice to know that you enjoyed your piece of pizza!And you know what?You are totally right.......some times we don't apreciate little,simple tings that put smiles on our face,just like a flower,a smile from anybody or a piece of pizza!!!!Abigail.

  2. Sounds gret Wendy! I am so happy to know that you typed that update! Loving you! You are amazing I am so proid to know you! Lots of love and prayers!
    MaryAnn Mayfield

  3. I really am PROUD to know you...not proid, and I also know how to spell great...see :)
    Had to correct my errors for the teacher.

  4. Hi Wendy, so glad you were able to enjoy the pizza. I am so proud of you,looking forward to meeting you. I have been following your blog twice a day and I'm amazed of your strength and endurance. Has to be from our heavenly father. I am anxiously waiting to hear of your release from the hospital. Thoughts and prayers are with you. You have wonderful parents, tell them Hi for me.
    God Is So Good!
    Cusin Carolyn

  5. It is WONDERFUL to see a personal message from you. My entire family is praying for you, all the way down to Emily age 5 asking for God to have his hands on you. You truly are an inspiration to everyone he has the opportunity to know you, even for the people that only know you through this blog. God is doing great things through these trials.

  6. Yay Wendy! I'm so glad have your appetite back and are able to eat the foods you love now! What a simple pleasure, but one that can feel like a little bit of normal!

  7. Yeah!!! It is so good to know that you typed your own response and are eating pizza. We continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you for your continued strength and optimism. God is doing many miracles and we continue to pray for you and your family.