Thursday, November 5, 2009

banana bites and beta blockers

Wendy's heart rate has been elevated since the surgery. Dr. Calhoun has been watching it closely. Today it was decided that she start beta blockers to reduce the effect of physical exertion on her rate rate.

Wendy is now on an unrestricted diet. Food from outside of the hospital can even be brought in! Wendy had three bites of a banana and four bites of scrambled eggs for breakfast. A big deal for Wendy!

Her morning walk didn't go so well. She got very tired, grew pale and had to end her walk short. She didn't walk as far as she has in the past. Wendy was feeling very discouraged and anxious about her inability to walk as far. Her nurse reassured her, telling her not to compare her abilities or successes between am and pm or from day to day. Not every walk will be great and that is OK.

Wendy's Wound V.A.C. has yet to be inserted into her smaller incision site. They had to unpack and repack the gauze again this morning. Please pray it is inserted before the gauze in her incision site needs to be changed again.

Wendy's family has grown close with the family of Hunter, the 18 year old fighting for his life in the ICU at UC Davis. Both families check on one another daily. Please continue to pray for Hunter's body. Pray for a healing miracle. Pray for strength and peace for his mom, Denise, sister Hailey, and his other family that have been in the ICU continually. Continue to mention Vincent, Ron, and Michael in your prayers as they struggle with pain and disease. Pray for healing over their bodies. The ICU is a very scary place. These people need all the prayers they can get.

The following prayer requests and praises were written down in the early morning by Wendy...

  • Pain relief for both incisions.
  • The Wound V.A.C. is inserted smoothly.
  • My torso gets stronger, it feels weak.
  • I continue to regain feeling in my right side and leg.
  • I slept a total (non continuous) of 7 hours last night, that's a jump for joy.
  • I have wonderful nurses. A sincere and BIG thank you to all of my nurses. A special thank you to Nurse Miguel for getting me a female nurse from an adjoining ICU in the middle of the night.

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