Sunday, November 8, 2009

wendy's shuffling entourage

Unfortunately the distension, bloating, and pain in Wendy's stomach is back. An x-ray of her stomach was taken this morning. They hope to get to the bottom of it today. Wendy's pain is at a 5 right now. Her face, arms, and legs finally look less swollen. Up until today her stomach was looking more normal every day. Unfortunately today, her stomach is extremely distended.

Her blood pressure and blood sugar levels look good.

Marissa and Sarah are up visiting Wendy today. They brought her the laptop so she can read the amazing comments that have been left for her. Wendy's mom watched from behind as today's entourage; Wendy, Marissa, Sarah, nurses, a physical therapist, lines, tubes, and carts slowly shuffled down the hall. It requires a lot of assistance for Wendy to take her daily walks. Family, friends, nurses, and therapists cherish the walks. They get to offer words of support, cheer her on, and rejoice in her successes.

  • The distension in her stomach goes away.
  • Nurses and doctors figure out what is causing the distension and stomach pain.


  1. Hello Wendy! Hang in there, girlie. You are an amazing person. I am so sorry for your hurting and wish we could all take a little so that you wouldn't have much left. Praying for you and your family. Love, Deirdre Bishel

  2. Wendy~
    I thought and prayed for you many times today while I was running the half marathon. I imagined you walking and kept saying...she's not quitting, so neither are you!! You inspire me soooo much! My heart hurts for you, Girl! I'm praying diligently for your healing and that God would continue to help you see the positive.:o)
    Keep up the great work, Wendy!!
    You are loved and missed very much!!

  3. Hi Wendy! I just know that I am responsible for at least 1000 hits on your site. I check your progress multiple times a day. I pray for you and for your dear family as I know while you struggle to get well they struggle in ways only a parent can. Thanks to our friend Cari and her post on Facebook, many of us are now prayer warriors. We're working hard out here Wendy so you keep working too! God Bless you and your awesome family. Lori Silva

  4. Peace,Peace, wonderful Peace comming down from the Father above sweep over my spirit forever I pray in Fathomless billows of love. This is my favorite hymm I sing it every night at bed time.
    May the lord fill you with peace tonight. May he give you peace and sleep and may you rest in his glory as the great physician heals you! Love you Wendy.

  5. The songs at church today made me think of you. "Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God, forever. Take my life and let it be, all for You and for Your glory. Take my life and let it be Yours." Loving you Wendy and looking forward to being able to sing along side you at church!- Katelyn

  6. I hope you sleep well tonight. I'll pray for you tonight.

    Georgia and the Brights

  7. You don't know me, but I'm the wife of one of Marissa's cousins. I'm currently battling brain cancer and wish so much that I could sit by your side in your room and tell you about all of the ways God has shown us his grace, mercy and peace throughout this cancer journey. My heart aches for you, but I know that God will never abandon you in the times you need him most. His grace is beyond sufficient. When I reflect upon the past few years, I can smile and say "yeah, that's why you allowed this to happen". He loves you, Wendy..