Monday, November 2, 2009

bedside surgery

Wendy rested well last night. She waited to walk for her dad this morning so she could impress him. He was so proud, coaching her as she walked her farthest distance yet!

Wendy's white blood cell count is up again. They are still looking for an infection. No pneumonia though, which is very good. They are going to start her on a third antibiotic.

Wendy is going to have a bed side surgery done today. They are going to re-open her smaller incision sight and clean it out. A CT scan showed there is a pocket below the incision site. The incision site is hard to the touch which most likely indicates infection. After the surgery they will either leave the incision site open with dry dressings packed into it or install a wound vac that will continue to suction out the fluid from the pocket. Her surgeon is also going to tap into her right side and drain fluid out of the area where her right lung used to be.

Wendy's bowels have stopped working again. Her stomach and bowels need to get back on track and start working efficiently. She is receiving all of her nutrients and fluids through an iv. They would really like to get her back on a liquid diet.

  • The bedside surgery and release of fluid on her right side goes smoothly.
  • Her bowels and stomach start working.
  • She isn't in an extreme amount of pain.

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