Tuesday, November 24, 2009

family of four

Wendy was super tired today. Wendy and GB had a rough nights sleep, bad and weird dreams kept both of them up. She is hopeful to get to bed early tonight and to have peaceful dreams. GB is working hard, tending to Wendy's every need. She needs prayers for good rest and strength. Pray for GB.

Micah and the boys came and visited in the afternoon. Their little family of four got to eat lunch around the kitchen table. It had been a long time since they had enjoyed that simple pleasure. Skyler was visibly the happiest of all to be sitting together eating as a family.

Wendy is a strong lady! She switched from the quad cane to a regular cane today! She is really pushing herself physically. She is so anxious to become more independent and regain her strength. She used the walker later in the evening when her body was just too worn out to rely on the cane.

She didn't suffer with nausea today as much as she has the past few days. She actually made it all the way until 7 pm without getting nauseous and needing medicine.

Little surprises and dear gifts have been quietly and without any interruptions left for Wendy over the past few days. FED EX dropped off a special flower delivery this afternoon. These little surprises have brought her so much joy. Wendy's family is so thankful that people are continuing to love and support Wendy from a distance. It is still SO important she not have any visitors.

Wendy and Micah head to UC Davis Medical Center tomorrow for the first check-up of many. It is a long and painful ride for someone who is recovering from such major surgery. Please pray continuously throughout the day for her comfort, peace, and safety.

Micah called Wendy today to share a Jadon quote. In the car, on the way home from The Village, Jadon said, "Dad, I think I need a CAT scan." He hears way more than anyone knows!

  • Safe travels tomorrow in holiday traffic.
  • Minimal incision pain from car ride.
  • The x-ray goes quickly and smoothly with little wait time.
  • Check-up with Dr. Calhoun goes well, showing no infection or complications.
  • Wound V.A.C. change isn't too painful (it hurts!!) and shows much healing and progress.
  • Her pain level stays low and no nausea in car or during visit.
  • Wendy is home for Thanksgiving.
  • She has starting using the cane.
  • GB...amazing nurse and precious mom.
  • A meal shared by their little family.


  1. Praying that God's hand is upon you today. Safe travels, tolerable pain, good medical report, and precious time with Micah. Love and miss you my friend! =:-)

  2. Dear Wendy and Georgia,

    Blessed be the mommy who pushes herself through hell to get back to her babies. Blessed be the mommy who cares for her child as a baby then cares for her as an adult so can get back to her babies. Blessed be the men who quietly take care of life so this can be done. We continue to lift our prayers in praise.

    Tracy Bright

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to the Manzo & Beckett Families. So glad you are all together to share this special day!
    Lani & Scott

  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!! Mrs. Manzo,I hope you had a nice dinner with your Family .Abigail.

  5. Hello Becketts and Manzos families!

    Is there a trust or foundation set up for Wendy?
    We have a local restaurant that has a Dine and Donate program and will donate a percentage of any traffic we drive in on a specific date but they need a trust or foundation to write the donation check to.

    You have a bunch of family up here that is pulling for you and would like to help!

    (Kenny and Rhonda Williams' daughter)