Friday, November 6, 2009

heat, nausea, and pain

Wendy's three main complaints and consequently main prayer requests today are for relief from, heat flashes (yes they're back), nausea, and pain.

The extreme hot flashes she is experiencing now are a little bit different. Instead of her face turning red it turns pink and her lips and mouth get white. She feels like she is drenched in sweat, but is actually quite dry. A box fan keeps her room extra chilly.

They increased her beta blocker dose and her heart rate and blood pressure is going down.

She has been extremely itchy lately. Itchiness is extremely common during recovery from a BIG surgery. Benadryl seems to help.

Her white blood count is good and is at 14.

The pain management team is starting to transition Wendy towards taking oral pain medication, so that less is given through an iv.

She got her face washed, hair washed and combed, had lotion put on, and her teeth brushed. She felt very refreshed afterward.

Both of Wendy's walks today were cut short today because of overwhelming feelings of nausea. The nurses immediately give her anti-nausea medicine because they are still very apprehensive about her vomiting.

Wendy's mom visited fellow ICU patient, Hunter's mom today. Hunter's mom asks you pray for his continued progress. She also asks for prayers for his recovery, that it goes smoothly and that there are little to no setbacks. Hunter's nurse was in the room when Georgia asked Hunter's mom about any prayer requests they had. Hunter's nurse inquired, "what is a prayer request?" Please pray that Georgia and Hunter's mom can witness to Hunter's nurse through their actions, conversations, and that there are more opportunities for mention of prayer, peace, hope, and God.

  • Relief for Wendy from...heat, nausea, and pain.

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  1. I hope Mrs.Manzo feels better soon. God is with you and he loves you very much. My family is praying for you.

    Georgia and the Bright family