Friday, November 13, 2009

the busy hospital

Wendy had a long day yesterday, two consecutive days of nausea is really starting to get her down. The doctors are working hard to find pain medicines that work, yet that don't stop her gastrointestinal system from functioning.

GB said last night, "don't go to the hospital if you want to get some rest." The vital checks, x-rays, breathing treatments, rounds by doctors and surgeon, and countless other interruptions prevent anyone from getting any privacy or rest. They've been at this hospital thing for almost a month now. They need your prayers for relief and stamina.

Wendy's large incision site is looking great and the Wound V.A.C. continues to help the smaller incision site heal more quickly.

From an emotional standpoint Wendy is hanging in there. She only cries when she talks about the boys. She never complains and is trying very hard to take as little pain medication as possible. She is starting to get used to constant pain.

UC Davis patient, Hunter had a better day yesterday. They had him in an almost sitting position in his bed. It was obvious he was pleased with the upright position, it was almost as if his facial expression was saying, "wow!" He looks much better than last week.

  • Wendy's stomach, intestines, and bowels heal and work together.
  • Wendy and her family get good rest.
  • She is reunited with her boys soon.
  • The large incision site is looking good and the smaller one is looking better every day

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