Sunday, November 8, 2009

blessed by your comments

Wendy needs prayer for her stomach and bowels. Her abdomen is extremely swollen, distended, and her bowels have stopped working again. She is on a lot of heavy medication to help with her bowels and the nurses are hopeful the medicine will kick start things tonight.

Wendy went on two walks today. After her second walk she started feeling extremely itchy and nauseous. Up until today she has been able to get back to her room and have anti-nausea medicine put into her iv line in time to help the feeling pass. Unfortunately today the medicine didn't kick in in time. She felt better after she threw up but then was extremely anxious. Thankfully she didn't aspirate.

Wendy got to connect to the Internet today. Her eyesight is blurry and she can't focus very well so Sarah read some of the blog comments to Wendy. Wendy was overwhelmed by the many comments, passionate prayers, the upcoming bake sale, the "lend a hand" link on her blog, green and gold ribbons, and "A Heart to Mrs. Manzo". She cried often when listening to the comments, in between sharing how she knew each person. Aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, family friends, students, parents, new and old friends, fellow teachers and educators, and complete strangers. She can't believe that people are following her progress with such dedication and are staying in touch on a daily basis. The time on the computer spent listening to the comments allowed her to escape her constant pain and engaged her in "non hospital" thoughts. What a blessing everyone's words have been to her today.

She continues to eat very slow and only takes a few bites at each meal. The nurses encourage any eating she does and are glad she's moving away from needing nutrients through an iv line.

Wendy got her hair washed and braided this afternoon. You'd think she'd been to the spa. She was so appreciative.

Micah and GB are back at UC Davis this evening. Micah and Wendy got to spend some time together this evening just the two of them (alone time including nurses of course).

GB met a fellow mother on her way back to the Kiwanis House this evening. After talking for awhile the two discovered that both of their daughters were in the ICU. Wendy recovering from thymoma cancer surgery at age 30 and Baby Isabella fighting to survive born at 28 weeks, weighing in at 1 pound. Both mothers promised to pray for one another's daughters. Wendy prayer warriors you are encouraged to pray for Baby Isabella, her mother, and all babies and parents in need.

Fellow ICU patient, 18 year old Hunter, in the hospital with severely acute injuries from "car surfing" needs your prayers. His mom asks for very special prayer this evening. Hunter will be having a tracheotomy this coming Tuesday, 11/10 at 11 am. As with all surgeries, a tracheotomy involves potential complications and possible injury from both known and unforeseen causes.

Vincent from Holland and a patient in the burn unit is showing some improvement. CB got a chance to visit with two of his sisters today. Praise God for improvements.

CB has plans to meet up with recommitted Evonne and new believer, Michael in the next couple of days. He will share some love filled literature and pray with them both. Please pray that the days since they both accepted Christ into their hearts have been overflowing with God's presence.

  • Wendy's stomach is no longer distended and her bowels start working again.
  • A reprieve from the constant, intense itching.
  • The comments left by people praying for Wendy give her extra strength.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16


  1. Good morning Daughter of the King~
    Glad to hear that Micah is better and that you had some time together! I'm in Newbury Park today as we moved my mom down closer to my brothers. This afternoon I'll get to go see my dad! I had arranged time to come visit and then got the swine flu...I'll be a few days then back at RB on Thursday.

    I love and miss you my friend....praying....praying....praying....

  2. Hi Wendy! Have you on our hearts and want you to know that we are standing with you. We check daily on your progress. I'm reminded of a video they used to show at VWCC...."The King has one more move"........and He does!
    We are praying that the pain subsides and that the stomach issues are resolved TODAY in Jesus' name!
    Love you,
    The Guinns

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I'm following your blog and praying for your recovery....Your family is beautiful. I think the last time I saw you, you may have been pregnant at Fresno State :) I wish you progress every day!

    Sara Green-Harper

  4. good morning Teacher Wendy ,i'm a mother of two RB students and we as a family are praying every nigth for your recovery.Please do your best to get better.You have two precious kids at home waiting for you!Abigail R.

  5. Afternoon Wendy...Nik, Chandler, and I are thinking of you and praying for you. My mom is praying for you too =) U are so loved!