Thursday, November 12, 2009

tummy troubles...again

Wendy is off of foods again. Her gastrointestinal system is not working and her bowels are even more asleep. Before Wendy can even think about going home she has to start eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom. When Dr. Calhoun's nurse listened to Wendy's stomach today she couldn't hear anything which means there is no movement. She will have an x-ray of her stomach taken today. She will receive all nutrients through the TPN line for at least four more days. All nutrients will be given at night so she has an appetite during the day.

Nurse Sonya, one of Wendy's ICU nurses came up and visited her today. Wendy cried when she saw her and asked for a hug. She told Nurse Sonya, "you don't know how much I miss you." Her visit really lifted Wendy's spirits.

The potassium pills are hard on Wendy. Pray they will give it to her in a liquid form through her TPN line.

  • Her stomach, intestines, and bowels start working together.
  • She can receive potassium through the TPN line.

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