Saturday, November 21, 2009

an update from cb

Wendy and Georgia are back home in Madera. Thirty-three days in a hospital is a long time. The Becketts and Manzos say THANK YOU from our innermost being. GOD IS FAITHFUL. This will truly be a memorable Thanksgiving because there is no place like home.

Georgia looks cute in her pink scrubs and Wendy beautiful in her new lounge wear. Wendy has already started her strenuous physical therapy and will work very hard everyday. A home health nurse will come every Monday, Wendesday, and Friday to change the dressing on her Wound V.A.C.

Wendy and Micah will head back up to UC Davis Medical Center this Wednesday, November 25th for a checkup with Wendy’s surgeon, Dr. Calhoun. They will have to go back to Davis on a regular basis for checkups.

Wendy was able to see her husband Micah and her two handsome sons, Skyler and Jadon today. WHAT A REUNION! Both boys cried when they saw Mommy and wouldn’t let go of her. It was a great day at 3021 Forest Lane. The roses smelled better, the grass was a little greener, and the blue sky radiated God’s love. Wade and Wesley will be home Wednesday. Both are so anxious to see Wendy and the rest of the family.

May this be your best Thanksgiving with you and your family. We must not take anything for granted. Material things will pass away. Let’s all count our blessings. We truly have much to be thankful for: God, family, friends and health.

Let us come before Him with Thanksgiving. Psalm 95:2


  1. Wendy and Family,
    My heart is filled with such joy. There is only one thing to say. God is so, so, good! This will be the best Thanksgiving! Big hugs and kisses to all. Tracy Bright and Crew.

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  3. Mrs.Manzo these are the good news I was waiting for,the boys reunited with Mommy again,we are happy for you,and we hope you get better every day,We love you so much.Abigail and Family(Edgar,Jessica,Noah,and baby Noah).

  4. Tears, sweet tears. That's all I can say.