Monday, November 23, 2009

mind over matter

Wendy's discomfort and pain was definitely up today. Her Fentanyl patch expired today and she could definitely feel that its effectiveness had worn off. GB changed the patch and Wendy started to feel more relief as the day went on. She is still experiencing nausea and headaches.

Her home health nurse came today. It was a long visit. Reviewing Wendy's extensive medical history, paperwork, and changing of the Wound V.A.C. made for a busy, exhausting day. The nurse's visit interfered with her time with Micah and the boys. She was pretty sad that she didn't get to see them much. From here on out her nurse will come in the mornings. The afternoon and early evening will be reserved for time with her family.

Tolerating and accepting pain has been tough on Wendy mentally and physically. She has had to learn how to differentiate and accept a level of pain she can tolerate versus a level that leaves her debilitated. Her mental strength was tested yet again yesterday. She had a scary moment around 1 am. She was having difficulty catching her breath and she panicked. She was on the verge of hyperventilating, but thankfully was able to talk her self into a state of calmness and could re-regulate her breathing.

Please continue to pray for Wendy. Her recovery is not easy and she is appreciative of every prayer for healing and strength.


  1. Wendy I am praying for you each and every wakening second. I miss you so much! I am so grateful that you were able to come home for the Holidays. When I got a text from you on Friday, I almost fell out of my chair. I took it as good news that you were back to communicating with the world again and those that love you dearly. I see that you've been on your facebook as well...YEAH! It's just great to hear from you personally. You friends and family have done an awesome just keeping us posted on your blog. I continue to keep everyone updated at work. I was explaining to everyone at work why I had a gold ribbon on my jacket today. REST REST REST REST and I can't wait until you can have visitors. Until then I will remain patient to see your shinning face. YOUR A MIRACLE!!!!!!! That makes two of us! Love, Karen Huling

  2. Thinking of you and your boys Wendy. Reading these updates for the past couple of days has truly been an emotional experience. I am so glad that you are getting to see your babies and they are getting to see thier momma. They must have missed you so much. I will continue to pray for your healing and pain management.