Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a bittersweet shower

Wendy woke up feeling not quite right this morning. It wasn't until 2 pm when she vomited A LOT did she start to feel better. Swallowing large pain pills and trying to eat when she has no appetite are most likely the two factors that caused her to be sick. Wendy's chart now requires that all of her large pain pills be split into a smaller, more manageable pieces.

Wendy got a shower today. It was a bittersweet experience. She had her Wound V.A.C. removed before taking her shower. They cleaned the open incision site in the shower and let the water run through it. By the time Wendy got out of the shower she was in a tremendous amount of pain, completely pale, and was shaking uncontrollably from shock. They wrapped her up in a blanket, put her wet hair in a towel, and put her back in bed for an hour. Once she started feel better a surgeon came in and replaced her Wound V.A.C. He did a tremendous job. He was firm, confident, and extremely gentle. It was the easiest and least painful Wound V.A.C. replacement yet!

The TPN tube that delivers proteins, nutrients, and fat is now being tapered. She is now receiving the power packed fluid at a slower rate and for fewer hours in the day. She is drinking a "health shake" with every meal. It takes her 45 minutes to an hour to just take one bite of food. She needs prayers for her appetite to increase and for her stomach to not be upset.

She has started to swell again. Last night her face started to swell and today her arms, legs, hands, and feet started to swell. They aren't sure why. She is receiving Lasix and Potassium again. As soon as she started back on the two drugs her extreme heat flashes returned. She is most likely allergic to one of the two. Unfortunately swelling is more problematic than extreme heat flashes so she'll have to endure them until the swelling goes down.

The ultrasound of Wendy's legs came back with a very positive outcome, no blood clots. Now for the next test. Wendy will have an Electromyography (EMG) test done during one of her check up appointments after she's been released. The test will determine if the nerve damage near the femoral artery is temporary or permanent.

Wendy was feeling better by the end of the day. She was comfortable in bed wearing her freshly laundered little pink booties when she told her mom to head back to her room and get some rest. A better ending to a rough day.

The mother GB just recently met, Letha from Modesto had tremendous new to share today. Letha's youngest son Mark who had both kidneys removed last Saturday has shown great improvement in the last few days. He gets to go home tomorrow! He will receive in home care and will report to the hospital daily for dialysis appointments. GB met and has committed to pray for yet another family in need. A 17 year old named Mark is at UC Davis trying to find a ventilator that works well for him. He has had severe health issues his entire life. Pray he responds well to treatments and finds a ventilator that brings him relief. GB asked if she could add their family to Wendy's blog. They were so appreciative and thankful to know that a large group of prayerful people would be remembering them.

  • Wendy swallows the smaller section of pills more easily.
  • Her appetite returns and increases.
  • The swelling goes away so the extreme heat spells can go away.
  • The gentle and patient surgeon that reinstalled the Wound V.A.C. so smoothly.
  • No blood clots in her legs!
  • Clean pink booties on her feet at the end of a long day.
Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13

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  1. Well, I don't know the grown-up Wendy as much as the little girl Wendy, but I'm following your blog and praying for you! (I'm Jerri & Eulis' daughter) You are beautiful, brave and inspiring! Keep trusting, keep praying, keep positive! God is using you and your family to encourage and bless so many! Thanks Carles, for visiting Mom & Dad last week. They enjoyed it. We love you guys!

    Diana Patterson Schmidt