Saturday, November 21, 2009

lollipops and potatoes

Wendy slept so well last night. She only woke up once for pain medicine. She was up at 7:30 am, nauseous and in a good amount of pain. Breakfast was cut short because of the nausea. She went back to bed and an early morning nap really helped. Wendy is so happy to be home. She is still in a lot of pain but being home is what she needs to fully heal.

Micah and the boys came by at noon. Seeing them was surreal. She felt like she was having an out of body experience. Both boys walked in slowly. She asked, "can I have a hug?" Jadon ran over first. Just inches away, he stared at her face for almost three minutes. It was as if he didn't really believe it was her. She enjoyed being so close to him, studying him, almost as if she was re-learning his face. He was interested in the Wound V.A.C. and stayed close. She called Skyler over. He laid his head on her shoulder and squeezed her tighter than he ever has before. He then went over to GB and cried while hugging her. His tears were joyful, relieved tears. Wendy told him to come back. He climbed up in the chair with her and rested on her for a long time. Wendy said they've grown so much in a month's time. Skyler is blossoming. Jadon did a dance for Wendy and shared about Halloween and what he wants for Christmas. Wendy enjoyed every second of the time they spent together this afternoon being reunited, catching up, and getting adjusted to being together again.

Both boys love Wendy's walker. They pushed the buttons, climbed up and on it, and practiced walking with it.

Wendy enjoyed a special moment with Jadon today coloring up at the table. He drew a picture of her and she drew a picture of him. His drawing of Wendy captured her perfectly, two eyes, nose, mouth, lollipop, and potato. You know Wendy, never without a lollipop and potato.

Both of the boys are battling a little sickness and are on antibiotics. It was important that Wendy get to see them today, for her heart and emotional healing. However, it is even more important that she stay healthy. Micah took the boys back home for the rest of the day and evening. Once home tonight Micah called Wendy and told her how different the boys seem already. They seem peacefully content and are radiating happiness. It was a good evening at the Manzo home.

  • Wendy doesn't get sick.
  • Skyler and Jadon are fully healed so they can spend more time with their mommy.
  • Micah, CB, and GB don't get sick.
  • Strength for GB as she is Wendy's 24/7 nurse.

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  1. I am so happy now that you are home. God is still continuing to take great care of you. Your family and the nurses are also doing a spectacular job of staying strong and helping you through this. I hope you have a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving. Enjoy that recliner! I am sure there will be many more small and cherished moments with your husband, boys, and family. I am sure Wesley will keep you laughing.
    We are praying for you and your family to be strong and rested. Especially, during the travels back and forth to see you and the doctor. We are still praying for a quick and painless recovery, easy physical therapy, the VAC to be removed permanently, more food in your belly, and that there will be no nausea. Wendy, you are a true inspiration and such a strong and awesome person. Just remember: Everything big starts little.
    We love you.

    "God moves in a mysterious way
    His wonders to perform;
    He plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm."
    By William Cowper