Sunday, November 15, 2009

goodbye to lines and pumps

Wendy continues to show slight improvements. Unfortunately she battled with nausea again today. GB and Wendy have decided that it is the large Super Motrin pill cut into four (still large) jagged pieces that is causing her so much trouble. Wendy is hoping to take three smaller, round 200 mg Super Motrin pills instead of the one large 600 mg pill.

Three walks today! The nurses encourage her to engage in conversation while she is walking. She was interrupted mid-sentence today and had to end her walk early because her heart rate was up significantly high. Even though she didn't show any outward physical signs of exhaustion or difficulty breathing, her high heart rate was definitely elevated and her system stressed. Wendy must use oxygen when she goes on longer walks.

She is back on solid foods. She will receive the last bag of nutrients through her TPN line tonight at 10 pm. The nutrients will continue to flow until 10 am. Wendy must eat enough fat, protein, and nutrients on her own. Pray she continues to have an appetite and eats enough to make her body function effectively.

Wendy has started to experience some feeling in her numb leg. The feeling is uncomfortable unfortunately. The numb part of her leg is throbbing and hot. At this point she'll take what she can get.

She has been fighting a headache and chills before bed for the last two nights. GB thinks she needs more sleep. Wendy didn't get much sleep the night before and no nap during the day. Thankfully she got a short nap today.

Wendy is very anxious about losing her PCA Infusion Pump tomorrow. The pain management team has issued her a standing prescription for pain medication to be available to be put into her PICC line if she is in a lot of pain. She will continue to receive pain relief from the Fentanyl patch, Norcol, and Super Motrin.

Wendy had a light bulb moment tonight. After receiving her daily heparin shot in her stomach her eyes flew open and she said, "now I know why these heparin shots hurt more every day! It's because I'm getting less pain medication every day." That's some cruel clarity for you.

Her white blood cell count is normal and her blood levels are returning to normal and looking better every day.

Please pray for Thomas, Leslie, and their two daughters who are in their early twenties. Thomas is fighting leukemia at UC Davis Medical Center. He has been in the hospital multiple times. If the current treatment doesn't work he'll probably have a month to live. Thomas needs a healing MIRACLE. GB said she would have Wendy's prayer warriors pray for Thomas because we hurt for those in pain and believe in prayer.

  • Wendy is less swollen.
  • She is comfortable and doesn't feel extreme pain.
  • She isn't anxious about pain.
  • She is experiencing feeling in her numb leg.
  • Her white blood cell count is normal!
  • She is losing a line and a pump.
"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today; let us move forward with strong and active faith." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. Wendy -
    Girl, I am so so proud of you!!! You are doing an amazing job of fighting, and continuing to get closer and closer to your big goal of coming home!!! I wear one of your green ribbons and it makes me think of you all the time ... which then reminds me to pray for you all the time : ) And I love when people ask me what the ribbon is for ... it then gives me a chance to tell them all about you!!! Also I was so excited to hear that you are starting to have feeling in your numb leg ... what a praise!!! I will continue to be praying for sleep ... cause with lots of sleep then you can make your daily goals and then your big goal!!!
    Love ya girl,

  2. hearing those praise reports! God never puts on us more than we can handle. You have to know by now, you are an amazingly strong woman. You and your family's faith is such a blessing to all of us. Reminds us, no matter what is going on or where we are at, there is always a need for ministry. Thanks to all who have kept us informed. Chandler and Nikolas say hi. Your in our prayers always. We are also praying for all the lives that have been touched because of you. God is moving =)
    Deserie and Family

  3. Hi Mrs.Manzo it's Cassie Cowin. Today in class your dad and Jaden came to see us. Jaden sang us two songs, the Y-E-L-L-O-W song and the R-E-D song. He was SOOOOOOOOOOO cute. He is so little. I hope that you get better soon. Miss you. :)

  4. Wendy...prayers are still coming your way every night at 9pm till you are completely healed!! Way to work hard and be such a fighter! You are inspiring to so many!! Can't wait to have you home!
    Love ya~

  5. Wendy
    Evan was very impressed with Jadon's singing today. He told me that he looked cool singing the R-E-D red song. So many prayers to you and your family! Prayers of healing for you and that your family is reunited soon!