Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wrm the trooper

Wendy was a trooper today, despite the fact that she is suffering from severe hemorrhoids. Without divulging a lot of information about the hemorrhoids, simply stated, Wendy really needs your prayer for healing.

She experienced terrible nausea at two different points during the day. It is thought that extreme pain or not enough food in her stomach, or both, is causing her to be so nauseous. Wendy is allowed to request a snack at any point during the day. Unfortunately her nausea really affected her appetite today and she didn't request any snacks and she didn't eat any dinner. Because her TPN line is gone now, it is imperative she eat enough.

Her Wound V.A.C. was changed today. The doctor that changed it thinks she will most likely go home with it. In his opinion her wound is just still too large. There has been conflicting opinions about if she will go home with it or not. Please pray she doesn't go home with it. One less hassle, one less home health nurse coming and going from their home.

Wendy's PICC line was redressed today and it is looking good.

Wendy had three special visits today from dear nurses. Nurse Jen and Nurse Suzy from the ICU dropped in to check on Wendy and let her know how much they continue to think about her. Nurse Jackie and her daughter Nicole brought their service god, Mongo to meet Wendy. The nurses at UC Davis Medical Center continue to bless and impress Wendy and her family.

Pastor Roger Leach, a family friend of the Becketts and the pastor that preached at Micah and Wendy's wedding reception came up to UC Davis Medical Center to pray for Wendy today. He felt that God spoke to his heart to come pray over Wendy and to represent and reach out on behalf of all churches, congregations, and pastors that are so fervently praying for her. He made the long visit to pray with Wendy for two short minutes. Wendy's family was so appreciative that he made the long trip and yet that he respected Wendy's need for rest and only stayed in her room for a brief moment. Wendy's family thanks him and prays that he be abundantly blessed.

GB and Wendy received the most exciting and unexpected phone call today. Wendy's cousin Janae called from Greece. They were touched by her phone call and it made both of their days.

  • Wendy's hemorrhoids are healed completely.
  • The nausea goes away and her appetite returns.
  • Her PICC line is looking good.
Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
and your healing shall spring up quickly.

Isaiah 58:8


  1. OK sister, I can't hold out any longer...I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!!! IT is taking EVERYTHING in me not to go see you(and I mean EVERYTHING). But because I love you all, I must respect your need to be kept away from too many people. The kiddos pray and ask about you daily. They have enjoyed following your blog. As a matter of fact, they have made you something very special...can't wait for you to see it! Keep fighting and persavering sweet sister so you can come HOME!!!!I Love You, I Love You, I love You...

  2. thinking of you and your family and praying for you daily Wendy. Sorry for your pain and praising God for your dinner date with hubby ;P

  3. Hello Mrs. Manzo!! We just came back home from the spaguetti dinner at River Bluff and we got some items from the bake sale.Every little bag of cookies has a sticker with your picture and says "thank you for your support".It was nice to see a lot of people buying cookies,brownies,pumpkin pay,cup cakes,I hope that bake sale help your family.I've been praying for you every night,keep your kids in your mind all the time,that will be the best medicine and will help you to heal sooner.Abigail.

  4. Hello Dear Wendy,
    Thinking and praying for you, your family every day. You mean so much to all of us Patterson's! LOve to Georgia and Carles love you both so much.