Monday, October 26, 2009

24 feet

Let's start off with the praise of all praises! Wendy walked 24 feet with the help of a walker, two physical therapists, a nurse, and her mom! One of the therapists crawled along on the floor locking her knee so she could bare weight on it. The nurse held the tubes and lines, while pushing her oxygen tank. She only had to sit once, walked all the way to the nurses station and back to her room. By the time she made it back to her bed she was exhausted, but she did it!

Wendy's oncologist/surgeon is back in town! There will be some big changes today. First of all they are going to put a chest tube in to drain fluids near her lung. She will be sedated during the procedure. The tube will allow for fluid to constantly drain. The tube will be painful and uncomfortable. Second, her surgeon has decided to take her off of narcotics. She is going to start receiving a pain medication that is like a "Super Motrin". She will receive the "Super Motrin" through the epidural and iv. It is important that she continue to receive pain medications through two sites. She is still experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. The narcotics are causing Wendy to experience psychosis through hallucinations, hyperventilation, and confusion. Lastly, her surgeon has decided to have a PICC line put in. Wendy will receive nutrients, including proteins, fats, and medicine through the PICC line. Wendy hasn't had any nutrients since before her surgery. Her organs need good nutrients to continue to heal.

A hematoma has developed near Wendy's incision sight. Treatment can involve draining the accumulated blood. Thankfully at this time the hematoma is only creating minor pressure to the incision site and is not infected. As long as it remains as it is, they will just monitor it and it should go away within a few weeks.

Wendy's stomach is tight and distended. Her stomach and intestines are a mess right now. They are giving her treatments to help her bowels wake up. The distension has started to compress her lung. It is imperative her bowels start moving. Wendy's mom said, "she'll gets starts on her chart if her bowels can wake up today."

  • The chest tube and PICC line are successful.
  • Wendy's intestines, stomach, and bowels are awakened!
  • The hematoma doesn't change or get infected.
  • The "Super Motrin" gives her good relief so the narcotics can be discontinued.
  • Wendy walked 24 feet!
  • Her oncologist/surgeon is back in town.
  • Her swelling is going down. She is starting to look like Wendy.
In the day that I called you, you answered me. You encouraged me with strength in my soul. Psalms 138:3


  1. awesome job, wendy!!! I read your updates every day and pray, cry and rejoice every time there's an update. You are amazingly strong and such an inspiration to people up and down the state of California, and elsewhere I'm sure. Keep fighting the fight!!! We are all cheering for you!!

    Amy (Mrs. Magill's daughter)

  2. Praise the LORD for 24 feet! That is amazing and I am trusting that will lead to more positive news soon! -Katelyn

  3. Yay!! Still praying for you Wendy!!

    Kimberlie Rose
    Wenatchee, Wa

  4. We pass your house almost every day and lift up you and your family in prayer. Praise God for baby steps! Each one counts! We love you and are cheering for you!

    Jen Schultz and family