Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bleeding dodger blue

Don't worry, no bleeding going on in Wendy's hospital room, just cheering.


  1. Due to the great amount of love I have for Wendy, I will not comment on this picture...until she is all better;-)She knows what this is about...

  2. hello to wendy's family
    i'm not sure if wendy would remember me, but her father and my father go way way back to dixieland before i was even born i think
    i just found out about this news and my sister gave me this blog
    i just wanted to let you all know on behalf of the Gonzalez family, that she has been in all of our prayers ever since any of us have known and that we are remembering you all.
    stay strong and God bless
    and Edward Gonzalez' family

  3. I will represent Wesley by saying, "What if Manny was a ball player? Awe Window they have not had a good team since the Newboys were still together" Love ya Window