Saturday, October 24, 2009

uc davis magic mouthwash

Wendy got to take her first sip of something liquid tonight and she chose...grape juice! She was only allowed 4 ounces and she had to take one drink at a time over a four and a half hour period. Her response to her first drink, "oh that's sooooo good."

Wendy has a fever and thrush in her mouth. Her mouth is painfully sore and extremely raw. They are giving her something called "UC Davis Magic Mouthwash" to help combat the thrush. She can't decide what is more painful, her mouth and throat or her incision site. The doctors are still trying to figure out how to relieve her pain. They hope to get that figured out soon so they can move into the pain management phase.

The greatest consecutive amount of sleep Wendy has had since surgery has been 45 minutes. She is constantly being interrupted by doctors, nurses, tests, vital checks, medicine, pain, itchiness, and an irregular body temperature. Wendy's body temperature is completely irregular. Her face and head are burning up and her feet are ice cold. She goes from laying in her bed without a sheet and a fan on, to asking to have her body covered up and complaining of freezing temperatures.

Wendy receives breathing treatments every six and a half hours. Her breathing treatment goals are:
1. The left lung inflates as she exhales.
2. Her lung is hydrated.
3. She coughs up anything in the lung.

Wendy's mom asked her if she had any specific prayer requests tonight. The following requests are directly from the raw mouth of Wendy.

Wendy says, "pray"...

  • My mouth and throat are not sore.

  • My body temperature is regulated.

  • My bowels would wake up.

  • I will walk and stand tomorrow.


  1. Wendy you are such a trooper! I mean rock solid, awesome, and amazing trooper!Keep up alllll the good work! It is paying off slowly but surely! Love you tons, friend, and cant get you off of my mind!!! :-)

  2. You are one amazing beautiful lady! We all love you and are thinking of you!!