Friday, October 23, 2009

itchy and numb

Wendy is talking, but her voice is not her "normal Wendy voice." Doctors decided to take a peek at her vocal chords today. The procedure required her to be momentarily taken off of oxygen so that a small camera could be inserted into her nose and down her throat. During the test her blood pressure dropped dangerously low. They were concerned with how quickly her blood pressure dropped and by how low it got so they decided to do an ultrasound of her lung. There was fluid on her lung, but not enough to have to go in and physically remove it. They are hoping her body will start to get rid of fluids more quickly. Standing up will help move that long, but her right leg is still numb. A physical therapist confirmed today that her leg is improving, but more improvement is needed in order for her to be able to put pressure on it. In addition, the more fluids her body gets rid of the more her joints will loosen up which will help with flexibility and movement. They wanted her up and walking around yesterday. Sitting up is just not cutting it. She needs to be standing and walking in order for her body's fluids and blood to be circulating well.

Wendy started breathing treatments. She receives them every six hours. They are hyper inflating her lungs to help prevent pneumonia and infection.

The doctors want to remove a line in her neck that was used during surgery. However, her potassium, calcium, and electrolyte levels have been below normal today. They can't remove the line until her levels go up. She will be receiving all three (potassium, calcium, and electrolytes) through the night in hopes they can replenish the levels and remove the line tomorrow.

Wendy is itchy all over due to some of the medications that are being given to her through the epidural. Benadryl is helping, but it makes her groggier than she already is. Wendy is in good spirits when she is awake, but comes and goes between a dream like state and reality due to the heavy medications she's on. Wendy's mom said she believes her grogginess is a "blessing in disguise." She hopes Wendy won't remember the intense pain and difficult details about these first days of hard recovery. Also, the days in the ICU are long and Wendy's unawareness seems to help her minutes and hours pass by more swiftly.

Wendy's surgery and the removal of three large thymomas was the first for her oncologist/ surgeon. He usually removes one, maybe two small thymomas through tiny incisions. Wendy's surgery will be one for the textbooks. Wendy's thymomas were the largest he had ever removed. Removal of the thymomas required a large incision, sawing through ribs, removal of a lung, and reconstruction of the diaphragm and the lining around her heart. This was a HUGE surgery, which means she has a long road to recovery. Her doctors are working hard to manage her pain, yet they simultaneously have to focus on pushing her to heal and recover.


  • Her left leg regains feeling.
  • She can get out of bed and become more mobile.
  • Pray for the doctors' wisdom and discernment.
  • Wendy's potassium, calcium, and electrolyte levels go up so that line can be removed.
  • Her lung and body is protected from any form of infection.
  • Wendy stops feeling itchy all over.

"We don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds it." - Wendy's Mom

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  1. Praying for Wendy and family in Wenatchee, Wa.
    Kimberlie Rose