Friday, October 23, 2009

praises, progress, and prayers

This morning's update was written by Wendy's best friends, Marissa and Sarah. They have been with Wendy for the past day and night.

"Wendy had a busy day yesterday. The neurologist came by and conducted a series of tests on her right leg that is still not fully mobile. He ordered a CT scan for the lower abdominal area to check the condition of the femoral artery to rule out a blood clot. The results of the scan came back last night and it confirmed that there is not a blood clot in the artery. The nurse told us that since it is not a blood clot, then the problem is with the nervous system. They said it would just take time to see if the nerves can repair themselves. This morning, she is able to move that leg much more than yesterday. This is great news! Pray that the nerves repair quickly! The doctors and nurses all agree that Wendy needs to get out of bed and sit and stand up to get her lung stronger. Late yesterday, Wendy sat in a chair for over and hour! She was such a trooper! She continues to do her breathing exercises on her own to strengthen that lung. When she is doing her breathing treatments, it causes her to cough up the fluid, which is very painful. The goal right now is to have Wendy sit in the chair a couple of times today. This will help her lung clear fluid and gain strength. The ICU team is watching her breathing closely today. They have ordered an ultrasound of the lung to rule out any possible complications. Please pray that lung is clear and continues to gain strength.She is very thirsty and would love a tall glass of ice water. There are sores in her mouth that are hurting her. This is her biggest complaint right now. Please pray for patience for her in this healing process, it is longer than she anticipated."


  • Wendy's lung is clear, healthy, and getting stronger by the minute. Pray for that hard working lung!
  • The nerves in her right leg heal quickly so she can start to stand up.
  • Wendy's mouth...that it is ridden of sores and quenched.


  1. Way to go Mrs. Manzo!!! I hope and pray that you have a strong day and night.
    Love Gianna Mancha