Tuesday, October 20, 2009

day one comes to an end

There are a lot of prayer requests tonight. It is imperative that Wendy get in an upright position for the blood and other fluids in her body to circulate throughout. They wanted her to stand on her own today but the upper part of her right leg is completely numb and she can't move it. She was physically removed from her bed and put in a chair where she sat for an hour today, which is a good start. Her pain relief is currently being given to her through an epidural. The plan is to experiment with different types of pain relief to be given intravenously. She complained of pain all day, pointing to her incision and other parts of her body that were hurting. The hope is that they can find a combination of pain relief that will take away the pain and bring the feeling back in her leg.

Even though she is breathing on her own, her lung is not working at 100% capacity. Therefore, she can't have ANYTHING to eat or drink. She has been communicating by writing on a dry erase board that she is extremely thirsty. They can't take the chance of her getting any fluids in her lung or aspirating. So until her lung is fully functioning she is NPO.

Wendy is still very swollen from the retention of fluids in her body. She is currently being given medicine to remedy the swelling until her body starts to rid the fluids on its own. They would like to see her blood pressure come up. They aren't at all surprised that it as low at is right now because her body has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma. However, they'd like to see her blood pressure start rising as soon as tonight.

The family asks that if you want to send cards, flowers, or gifts to please send it to Wendy's home. Flowers are not allowed in the ICU and that is where Wendy will be for the majority of her stay. Wendy will not be able to have visitors for quite some time. The importance of her staying away from infection (people that are sick, that have been sick, or have family members that are sick) and getting a lot of rest has been stressed to her family over and over since they arrived at UC Davis. Wendy cannot afford to have any infection. The family also asks that you please continue praying for Wendy and for them. They can physically and emotionally feel your prayers and can't thank you enough. God is so faithful.

  • The doctors and nurses find the right combination of drugs to help Wendy with her pain and for her to not be over drugged.
  • Wendy regains feeling in her right leg.
  • Her lung works at full 100% capactity so she can drink and eat.
  • She isn't uncomfortably thirsty.
  • Her blood pressure comes up.
  • She sits AND stands tomorrow so that she has good circulation throughout her body.
  • As Wendy's lung specialist was going off of his shift tonight he told the incoming doctor that, "Wendy was a real fighter". Wendy's mom attributes her daughter's fighting attitude to the prayers that are flooding her hospital room. Keep it up prayer warriors!

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  1. already sent a few cards to UCD. Hopefully they make their way to Wendy. ;0)