Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween happenings

Halloween happenings in the Manzo/Beckett world...

Wade is keeping Wendy company at UC Davis. Micah, Grammy, Skyler (Superman), and Jadon (Engineer) are trick or treating in Madera with other family and friends. CB and Wesley are at the FSU football game. Go Dogs!

p.s. Wendy's nurse thought Wade wrote the message. Even in severe pain she has 'teacher handwriting'.

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  1. Wendy has had that teacher writing since we were eight. I have always loved your handwriting, Wendy.
    Wendy, we are praying for you and we all want you back home. I am sure your third graders want you back as their teacher too(sub's are not as fun as the real teacher). We are still praying...We may not always know the reasons why we have to go through these situations, but God knows and he is carrying you through this. He would never give you anything that you or your family are not able to handle. I believe that God has his angels working in your hospital room everyday. I also know that God is givng the doctors and nurses staff his continued guidance every minute to make this recovery end soon. We love you and are deep in prayers for you to come home.