Friday, October 23, 2009

give a heart to mrs. manzo

Wendy began her teaching career at River Bluff Elementary in its inaugural year. She continued teaching at River Bluff for the next seven years. River Bluff wasn't just a place of employment for Wendy. River Bluff was a home away from home, that contained her family away from family. Wendy had the great opportunity to take a full time position teaching third grade at Polk Elementary this school year. Even though River Bluff isn't the school she teaches at anymore she will always be treasured, loved, and missed by the RB students, parents, and staff. A former student of Wendy's approached a teacher at River Bluff last week with a red construction paper heart and the letter below.

Dear Teachers and Staff,

As some of you may know Mrs. Manzo had to have surgery on Monday October 19, 2009. I would like to do as much as I can to help. SO I came up with an idea. It is called "Give a Heart to Mrs. Manzo". I will give one heart to each class, please have each of your students write their names on the heart. Your class can decorate the heart however you would like. When you are done you can put them in Mrs. Keeslar or Mrs. Kennedy's box. In case you didnt know who I am. I am Cassie Cowan, a fifth grader in Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Keeslar's class. I had Mrs. Manzo and Mrs. Keeslar as my teachers when I was in 3rd grade. I would like all of these returned by Wednesday, October 28, 2009. After all of them have been colected, I will put all of the hearts together in a book and give it to her as a get well card from River Bluff.

Cassie Cowan

A thoughtful gesture from a young student to a beloved teacher. Your River Bluff family loves you Mrs. Manzo!


  1. What a precious idea! Wendy will forever be a part of the RB family!

  2. I so agree! Nikolas and Chandler have both been praying for you. They have not stopped. I can't believe you had Nikolas 7 years ago!! Well when RB opened its doors. Nikolas would pray for his school then and look at him now. He is 15 years old and is praying for you again. They ask about me every day how you are doing. So I guess u can say, I am on your blog sight a lot =) Keep the faith and know, you are not alone. The children of God are praying for you and our Father is right there with u =) U are loved
    Deserie and Rodriques Family

  3. we're all watching her progress, stay strong, everyone!
    and Edward Gonzalez' family

  4. Love you Wendy, praying for you that you will soon be home with your family. God bless you.

    Eulis and Jerri

  5. Mrs. Manzo although you have taught at Polk for a short time, you made a big impression with your new students. and my son, your student Noah Martinez truly enjoyed going to school. I pray for your full recovery, and pray for your family as well.