Friday, October 30, 2009

pretty good day

Today was a pretty good day. A fighting Wendy, prayer, and God...a perfect trio for recovery.

Wendy walked the farthest yet! After her walk she sat in a chair for a half an hour. All thirty minutes were painful, exhausting and she continually asked to get back in bed. She pushed through and worked hard today.

So far Wendy has had a negative and a positive reading for CDF. One more test, one last result to break the tie. They considered giving her another CT scan today, but in the end decided against it because she was so exhausted from all of her physical activity. She will most likely have the CT scan done tomorrow morning.

The pain management team now has Wendy on Fetanyl. This drug is commonly used to treat chronic pain. On a scale of 1-10, Wendy's pain has ranged from a "4" to a "6" since being on this new drug. It seems to be keeping the pain measurement of a "10" (where she's usually at) away.

Her white blood cell count is the same. Her blood pressure and blood sugar is holding steady.

Wendy did not have any extreme hot spells today! What a difference this made in her day.

All tubes have been removed from Wendy's mouth and nose. She feels free!

Wendy looked in the mirror for the first time yesterday since her surgery. Previous to today they had advised against her seeing herself because they didn't want her image to be discouraging. She was SO swollen and looked nothing like herself. The beautiful Wendy we all know and love is slowly but surely starting to come back.

Wendy's brother Wade was able to feed her some very tasty ice chips this evening. Hopefully she's close to being on an all liquid diet again.

She will have her blood drawn at midnight. Afterwards they will give her a Benadryl and hope and pray she sleeps until 4 am when she has her daily lung x-ray done. This is an incredible opportunity for Wendy to get her longest stint of sleep yet. With the extreme heat spells at bay, her pain somewhat under control, and a Benadryl, please pray she sleeps all four hours.

  • Four much needed hours of continual sleep!
  • They determine once and for all what is causing her gut pain and elevated white blood cell count.
  • That remaining lung. Pray for it's health and strength.
  • She walks even more tomorrow.
  • No extreme heat spells!
  • Her swelling is continuing to go down.
  • They've found a pain medication that seems to finally be doing the trick.

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  1. Praise God for all her improvements! I will continue to pray that her recovery amazes all the doctors involved!