Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rough night

Last night was another rough night for Wendy. The pain management team will re-evaluate Wendy today. They are hopeful to find the perfect balance of pain medication. She is still in a tremendous amount of pain and continues to have extreme hot flashes. She had one almost every hour last night. Wendy's team is baffled by the "on fire all over" sensation she continues to experience. They aren't sure if the reaction is due to a medicine she is taking or if her body is just confused and fighting itself. She continues to experience "ICU psychosis" at night.

Wendy is be allowed to drink small sips of water today as they start to graduate her beyond ice chips. She started receiving nutrients through her PICC line last night.

Her intestines and bowels are waking up! Woohoo!

It is getting more difficult for the nurses to draw Wendy's blood. As soon as the PICC line has been flushed and is more established they should be able to start drawing blood from it.

  • Nurses are able to draw blood from her PICC line soon.
  • Wendy doesn't experience extreme hot flashes or "ICU psychosis" anymore.
  • The pain management team finds the perfect balance of pain medication.


  1. What a praise that her bowels are waking up!! I have been focused on praying for that!!! I will continue to pray for her! COME ON WENDY!!!

  2. We are PRAYING for you Wendy!!!

  3. Wendy and Family...I check the blog as much as I can everyday. I can't stop thinking about you and pray each day that God continues to grant you strenghth and for your body to see that life is just a little (or a lot) different in there and that it needs to get with the program! I say that with a little humor, but it is meant in sincerity. I love you friend. I miss seeing you on your stroll down Polk with the kids. Can't wait till you are back down the road...

  4. hang in there wendy and family. we're praying for you

  5. HI Wendy. Soo glad to hear the positive updates. God is the great and mighty healer. Donnie and I pray that the Holy Spirit touches and comforts you and the family in your hour of need. We love all of you and are praying for complete healing in the name of the Lord Jesus. We look forward to hearing the mighty testimony you will be giving for years to come.
    With much love,
    Donnie and Marian Miller