Monday, October 19, 2009

lend a hand

Many friends and people praying for and following Wendy's journey to be free of cancer have voiced the desire to help out. Meals, house cleaning, yard work, donation of household items, and help with shopping have already been provided to the Manzo family and will continue once she is home. For those of you that would like to help out with a monetary donation the newly addded "donate" button will lead you to a PayPal account set up in honor of Wendy. The total amount for the surgery, recovery supplies and needs, and her time out of work will be very costly. A record of all donations will be sent to Wendy's email address. The Manzos have been and will continue to be incredibly grateful for ALL the help they receive.


  1. Im praying for you to get better soon!
    Lauren Goldsberry

  2. I would Love to help with meals, house cleaning, shopping, or whatever the need is. Please let me know what I can do.
    My email is:
    I am praying for God's hand on Wendy and all her family and friends,
    Katie Torstensen

  3. Aly, Andraya and I want to help so we have asked that the Central Quarterback Club allow us to sell our "Loafs of Love" at this Friday's Football game. We are starting our baking project and will be selling our hearts out. Whatever is raised will be donated by the Quarterback Club. We are praying for a good response and we continue to pray for you and your family. Anything we are able to do for you we will continue to do until you are fully recovered. Love the Amaro girls.