Monday, October 26, 2009

not so super motrin

The "Super Motrin" didn't work. She is on a new narcotic. She isn't experiencing as many hallucinations but is extremely groggy. Managing her pain is something the doctors are constantly working on.

The PICC line failed. Wendy's veins are small, weak, and damaged. She is going to IR (Inter Visual Radiology) tomorrow where they will use more advanced machines to search for a good vein.

90% of after surgery fluids are usually consumed or released by the body naturally 3-5 days after surgery. Wendy's body did not get rid of the fluids. A tube was inserted in her left side today to release some excess fluid. 920 cc's (close to a liter) of liquids were absolved. The combination of a surplus of fluids and the confusing side affects from the narcotics left Wendy feeling like she was going to explode. It is a definite praise that so much fluid was released today.

Wendy still has thrush in her mouth. Her blood sugar is high and she has been receiving insulin shots. Wendy still receives a breathing treatment every 6 hours. The duo-med Wendy receives in the breathing treatment goes to the poorly profused areas of her lung, helping with infection prevention and inflation.

  • Wendy's bowels and intestines are still asleep. Pray they start moving. She is very uncomfortable.
  • They find a good vein tomorrow and the PICC line is a success.
  • Wendy experiences less pain every day.
  • She walks more than 24 feet tomorrow.

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  1. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for much healing and restoring in Wendy's body today. I pray that the PICC line is successful. I pray Father that her pain is managed properly and diminishes. Thank you God for giving Wendy and her caregivers the strength to go 24 feet! I pray that her mobility continues to improve and please give her the strength to go farther today. Please continue to keep her children safe and happy while Mommy is away and give her husband and parents the continued strength to support Wendy through this healing process. I thank you God for the all of the people who are supporting Wendy and may they continue to feel your strength to draw on. I thank you God for you are awesome and are working miracles everyday. I pray for all of these things in the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ, Amen!!!!!!!