Sunday, October 18, 2009

prayer and fasting

A group of Wendy's friends have organized a prayer and fasting opportunity. They invite everyone that is interested to join. Wendy will not be able to eat anything after tonight before her surgery. Her surgeon will also not be able to eat during the eight hour surgery. The idea is to fast along with Wendy and her doctor as a demonstration of faith on her behalf and to show our support for her and to invoke whatever blessings we can for her. You are encouraged to start fasting tonight after dinner until dinner time tomorrow.

As you fast, please pray for...
  • Wendy to have increased strength in preparation for surgery and to come through it well.
  • Wendy's surgeon to have the wisdom, strength, endurance, precision and focus to do his best for Wendy and get all of the tumors out.
  • Wendy to recover her strength and heal quickly.
  • Wendy's family to be comforted and uplifted during this time.


  1. I'm going to re-post this on my blog to get my friends praying too. Keep focusing on God who is BIGGER!

  2. Mrs. Manzo (Wendy), you are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for our favorite teacher, friend and mom. We pray for you and your family. You are such a loving and caring person and our family is so blessed to have you in our lifes and our hearts. Your strength, faith and love will see you through tomorrow and the days to come. We love you and we will continue to pray for your strength and fast recovery. All of our prayers, the Amaro Family.

  3. Wendy and Family, He brought you to it,and WILL bring you through it. Praying hard and continuing to ask the Lord for healing, that the nurses and Dr's hands will be the Lord's hands. Stay strong Wendy! God Bless You and your family!Sending lots of love your way!