Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 ante meridiem

And so another day of recovery comes to an end. Wendy had a bit of a scare towards the end of the night. She and her mom were sitting quietly in the room when all of a sudden Wendy started hyperventilating because it felt like the entire right side of her body was being inflated. A team of doctors and nurses flooded her room and gave her numbing medicine to help with the odd and frightening sensation.

Pray Wendy gets some good sleep tonight. Her next tests aren't until 4 am, so hopefully she will get to rest. Peaceful moments are few and far between in the ICU. Wendy is connected to wires, ivs, lines, tubes, catheters, and cuffs. She wears a cuff on each leg that inflates, and deflates to help with circulation. The cuffs are on all through the night. Her room only has three walls for easy access and close monitoring. Quiet, rest, and peacefulness is close to non-existent in the ICU. Despite all of the craziness that is the ICU, please pray that she experiences some peace tonight before those next tests at 4 am.

They are starting Wendy on a new pain medicine tonight. Wendy is still complaining of pain, pressure, itchiness, and overall discomfort. She will receive the new medicine through her epidural and an iv. Their hope is that his new drug will get to more parts of her body. Without good pain management she hurts and can't relax, which makes it difficult for her to heal.

Wendy is working hard to move her left leg and foot. She has been scooting it from side to side in bed. She knows how important movement is to circulation and she is very anxious to start improving. That Wendy, she's a fighter!

It is imperative, essential, crucial, necessary that Wendy stand (with a walker), and then eventually without a walker, and ultimately starts walking SOON! Let's pray she stands with the help of a walker tomorrow!

  • She continues to move her left leg and that her right leg is no longer numb.
  • Wendy stands with the help of a walker tomorrow!
  • The doctors discover the perfect amount and type of pain medicines that bring Wendy much needed comfort and relief.

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  1. Praying for you Wendy and family!!

    Kimberlie Rose
    Wenatchee, Wa