Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hanging in there

Wendy is doing ok. The main concern, and consequently the main prayer request is that she regains feeling in her right leg. Her surgeon and anesthesiologist met today to examine Wendy and try to figure out why her right leg is still numb. A neurologist is meeting with Wendy tomorrow to examine her arteries and nerves. There is a possibility that there was some artery or nerve damage near her hip area that occurred during surgery. It is essential she gets out of bed to sit or stand up. She cannot do this until the feeling in her leg comes back. They had high hopes of getting her out of bed today, but that didn't happen.

Wendy is still very thirsty and cannot have any water or ice until her body starts absorbing some of the fluids. Her blood pressure needs to go up. It is ok at the moment, but it cannot go any lower and must rise very soon.

  • Wendy's right leg regains feeling.
  • Wendy's blood pressure goes up.
  • Wendy's body starts to absorb fluids on its own.
  • Micah is sick and cannot go into the ICU to see Wendy. Please pray his cold goes away.
  • Wendy's parents are having a very hard time being back home, away from their daughter. Pray for their peace and comfort.

1 comment:

  1. Wendy!!!! You are so loved and admired for your courage and faith! I am praying for you constantly. I will also pray for Micah's health and that he is back by your side soon!!! The power of prayer is strong and not stopping anytime soon!!!
    :) love to you~