Thursday, October 22, 2009

another day of recovery

There are praises to report. First of all Wendy's blood pressure went up today. She sat upright in a chair for almost an hour. Wendy got her first sponge bath, for which she was SO grateful. Micah is feeling much better and got to go in and visit for a few moments with a mask on. She had a CT scan done today. It was determined that a blood clot is not causing the numbness in her right leg. They are unable to verify if the cause is nerve damage. Wendy still has a NG tube that enters through her nose and will continue to have one until her bladder and bowels start to work again. Once those two systems start working they will rid a lot of the extra fluids and her excessive swelling will go down.

  • The doctors figure out what is causing the numbness in her right leg and that her feeling comes back.
  • Her bodily systems start to perk up and start working efficiently.
  • Skyler and Jadon are feeling happy, safe, and comforted even though they are away from their parents.
  • Wendy's left lung. Pray for protection over that remaining lung.
  • Strength for Wendy's family as they travel back and forth from the Central Valley to Sacramento. Pray for their health, endurance, and protection.


  1. Thank you so much- whoever is writing this. You are doing such a good job at keeping us up to speed, and we're praying HARD. I'm not sure Wendy would remember me- we met at Moms and More and talked a few times as I stood in the back with my newborn Kate. Anyway, if you can please give her my live and admiration that would be awesome. We love you Wendy! You are quite a fighter!

  2. Wendy, You are doing awesome! Still praying for you and your family. <3

  3. Girl...I'm busting out my pom-poms to cheer you on!! WooHoo!! Fight Wendy Fight!! Goooooo Wendy!! You're an awesome keep up the good work! Praying constantly for you and your family, Wen!!

  4. Dear Wendy-I believe in the power of prayer and a strong faith but also important is the power of "inner strength, a positive attitude and outlook on life and the will to live", you possess all of those qualities. We are pulling for your recovery here in Modesto and sending love & gentle hugs.
    Scott & Lani Turner
    (Cari’s Mom)