Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rough day

Overall today was a rough day. Every procedure that was done on Wendy today was painful and every part of her body hurts. Her white blood cell count is still up. The doctors have not been able to find the infection. They are grasping at straws.

Wendy is still experiencing EXTREME hot flashes. She goes from a normal temperature to a pink faced, burning hot, on fire temperature. Wendy's mom fills surgical gloves with ice and then puts them on her forehead, legs, and arms. Cool wash rags are then placed on top of the icy gloves. Once the burning sensation passes Wendy is back to a normal temperature. The doctors have not been able to figure out what is causing the extreme hot flashes.

Her throat is still raw and painfully sore. The antibiotics and UC Davis Magic Mouthwash have yet to touch the thrush.

A praise to report! Wendy walked more than 24 feet today with a walker but without a physical therapist locking her knee! Her right leg is still numb but she was able to put some pressure on it. Praise the Lord!

Wendy really needs a break tomorrow.

  • Her severe sore throat and thrush go away.
  • Wendy does not experience "ICU psychosis" tonight.
  • She gets 2-3 hours of solid, uninterrupted, comfortable sleep.
  • The doctors figure out what is causing the extreme hot flashes and that they stop.
  • Micah and Wendy's mom feel comforted, stay healthy, and get good rest tonight. They are incredible advocates, support, and consistent warriors for Wendy at the hospital.


  1. So sorry today was rough. Asking God to clear His schedule just for you tomorrow!

  2. I am so thankful that Christy posted a prayer request and the link to your blog. I am saddened to hear of your trials and at the same time I know that our God is with you and the family all the way. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated and I hope to hear a good report that you are fully recovered and cancer free. Hallelujah!