Thursday, October 29, 2009

back on antibiotics

Wendy's white blood cell count is continuing to climb so she is back on antibiotics. They are still trying to find a source of infection. She is having her blood cultured and her thyroid checked today in hopes of finding a cause.

Her lung seems to be tired today. Her breathing has been more labored all day.

Wendy continues to enjoy a liquid diet. She had broth and jello for breakfast and lunch. She said jello has never tasted so good. She has to sip and eat extremely slowly so she doesn't get nauseous. Aspirating is not an option.

Doctors are still baffled by the extreme hot spells Wendy continues to experience. The overwhelming heat is coming more often and lasting for longer periods of time.

A physical therapist came in and checked Wendy's right leg today. The PT thought the majority of her leg looked really good. There aren't any additional locations on her leg with nerve damage. This nerve damage could be permanent. Please pray that the feeling in her leg comes back.

The sleeping pill they gave Wendy last night did not work. She only slept for an hour and a half total. She is having a hard time blocking out the constant sounds that fill the ICU. She is going to try and wear headphones tonight and listen to soothing music. They are going to give her a Benadryl tonight to see if that helps her sleep. The nurses are stressing the importance of Wendy being awake during the day and asleep at night. AM/PM confusion often plagues ICU patients in the hospital and it can continue after they are released. It is hard to reverse this confusion.

  • Wendy is awake and comfortable during the day and sleeps peacefully at night.
  • Her right leg is not permanently numb. Pray to Jesus for rapid healing.
  • Doctors figure out why her white blood cell count is up.
  • The extreme hot spells cease.


  1. stay strong wendy and family
    we're reading your page often and repeatedly
    we love you and you're in our prayers
    and Edward Gonzalez' family

  2. Praying and expecting your healing...
    Praying for family too...

  3. We are praying that God will provide the healing that Wendy needs and the strength to Georgia and CB and Micah that they need. Wendy we believe that you are going to be better and soon. In the name above all names-Jesus. We love you! The Guinns