Sunday, October 25, 2009

happy birthday micah

Happy birthday to Wendy's husband!
  • Micah feels comforted today, even though Wendy is not well.
  • He feels special, even though all of the attention is (and has to be) on Wendy.
  • A healthy and happy next year of life.

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  1. Happy Birthday strong and steady Micah... God is working in you and through you during this trial, but God is a mighty God and will soon hold Wendy up as a miracle of faith. Wendy, you are thought of and prayed for daily through your extended family at Fresno Christian and Peoples. Mr. and Mrs. Beckett.... I just heard this news on Friday so I am still stunned, but please won't you let me help as a neighbor should with anything you might need. I know your friends are plentiful, I will continue to extend my hands in prayer for you and Wendy.