Thursday, October 29, 2009

hands and knees prayer

Wendy needs your diligent, heartfelt prayers right now at this very moment more than ever. Family, friends, fans of Wendy please get on your hands and knees and pray for healing over Wendy.

Wendy's mom called to give the nightly report in tears. For any of you who know Wendy's mom, Georgia Beckett, you know she is a strong woman of God. She has shown such composure, strength, and optimism through Wendy's surgery and recovery. Tonight she is broken. She is exhausted and in pain from watching her daughter hurt for so long. She said tonight the only thought that brings her comfort is knowing that our Heavenly Father knows what she is going through. Pray for Georgia, a mother wishing more than anything that she could take her daughter's place.

Micah is feeling sick. He is taking over-the-counter medicine, hoping to keep illness at bay. Please pray he doesn't get sick. Wendy needs him to be physically present.

Her white blood cell count continued to rise into the night. They think they might have found the infection. They speculate she has Clostridium Difficile (CDF). CDF is a naturally occurring species of bacteria in the body that can grow out of control when you are on some types of antibiotics. They are going to hit her hard with Vancomycin a powerful broad spectrum antibiotic that treats Gram-positive bacteria. They will also give her Flagyl, an antibiotic used for treating infection of the colon.

Wendy is back to NPO. No food, drink, or ice.

Her heart rate is up and her breathing is very labored.

She is very drugged out right now, uncomfortable, experiencing constant, lengthy heat spells, she can't lay still, she is in pain from head to toe. Wendy R. Manzo needs your prayers.

The only bright spot today was that she had her favorite day nurse. She'll have her favorite night nurse tonight. Pray for these two nurses. Give them wisdom and guidance to best care for Wendy.

  • The cause of infection is CDF and is treated quickly and effectively by the Vancomycin and Flagyl.
  • Wendy SLEEPS tonight.
  • Georgia is surrounded by God's peace, love, and comfort.
  • Micah does not get sick.


  1. My dear Wendy- You are constantly on my mind. I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this. I am in prayer for you now and always. I pray that the God of PEACE will surround you and your family. I pray that the God of HEALING will anoint your body with His touch. I pray this same God, whom we trust for every breath, will move swiftly to take away this pain, infection and sleeplessness. I am joining in prayer with so many others right now; we are asking God to work His miracles on your behalf my love. And I am looking forward to the coming day when you are healed and healthy and reading all of the comments everyone has left for you along this journey!

  2. Mrs Beckett, you got it. I am going to my prayer closet and pray for Wendy. My family and I pray for her every day and we will continue to. We have also been praying for all of you. When all you can do is just stand in your faith..stand. God is with all of you and He will never leave you. He is EVERLASTING to EVERLASTING

  3. sweet Wendy. I am praying for you constantly, I didnt read this post but I know that God put you on my heart, @ about 11:30 last night, I woke up and really felt the need to pray for you some more, the Lord knows what you need and he knows that you have a prayer team at your side.
    prayers prayers and more prayers.
    with love, katrina ♥