Saturday, October 31, 2009

not great, but not terrible

From the mouth of Wendy, "last night was not great, but not terrible." This is good!

She ended up having the CT scan of her chest and abdomen done last night after all. The scan lasted from 10:45 pm to 12 am. CT results this morning show that she still has a lot of air in her stomach. It is necessary for the NG (Nasogastric) tube to be put back in her nose to help get rid some of the excess air and pressure in her stomach. News of the NG tube having to be put back in made Wendy cry (her first tears since the surgery). Her nose is so sore and raw. They are going to put some lytocaine in her nose to help numb it. She is so distraught and fearful over this tube being inserted back into her nose.

After her CT scan last night she was given Benadryl. She had her best sleep yet! She slept from 2 - 4:30 am.

The final blood culture testing for CDF came back negative. One positive and two negatives. They are going to continue giving her the antibiotics, Vancomycin and Flagyl because they seem to be helping her overall condition.

They will most likely remove her epidural tomorrow because it is coming up on the two week mark. If it is kept in much longer it could become infected.

Her heart and lung are sounding good. Her bowels are sounding less hyperactive, which is a good thing.

The following is an excerpt from an email sent by Wendy's dad, CB.

"Grammy is home! What smiles on two happy little faces when Georgia arrived safely home. After many days in ICU with
Wendy, she is home for a few days. Only you mothers and grandmothers can understand what Georgia is going through - her baby in so much pain day after day. Thursday was one of the toughest days for both Wendy and Georgia - thank you so for your prayers and deep concern and love. Wade flew in from LA this morning and will be with his sister who he loves so much this weekend. He will meet with the doctors every morning and the blog will be updated daily. I will go back Sunday to UC Davis and stay a few days with our beautiful daughter – and pray with her, encourage her, love her and let her know hundreds of people are praying for her and her family. She is strong, brave and will overcome this challenge of life with God's help and continued support. God will use her in ways that time will only tell. It was such a bonding time with Skyler and Jadon this week we made 10 trips back and forth from Madera to Fresno. They are so good and are up to the task at hand. Where do three year olds get all these questions- like "Why do the mannequins at Kohls not have heads? The ones at Old Navy have heads." We looked at everything to do with trains at three Targets - we know what to buy for Christmas and birthdays for the next five years.Wendy is doing much better this evening and we know God continues to do a miracle in her life. Georgia and I thank you so much for the cards, letters, emails and phone calls - your prayers, kind words, and LOVE give us daily HOPE. To our families, friends, neighbors, churches through out the state, school districts - all of you."

cb and gb

  • Her epidural remains free of infection.
  • That awful NG tube doesn't cause too much pain.
  • She walks and sleeps well.
  • Longest period of sleep...2 1/2 glorious hours.
  • No extreme heat spells in over 24 hours.
  • She sat in a chair for a solid hour this morning.

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  1. Carles....
    I know you and Georgia realize how many of us are keeping your entire family firmly close to our hearts and always in our minds. As I follow Wendy's journey, I am so inspired by your family's strength and committment to each other. You are truly blessed with your love for each other.
    With you in spirit,
    Mary Mahowald