Tuesday, October 27, 2009

wendy the patient

The epidural Wendy has had since surgery had to come out today. It wasn't working effectively anymore. The new epidural is lower in her back. The hope is that she'll get better pain relief with this lower placement.

She really needs to start receiving nutrients, but food is just not a possibility yet. Please, please, please pray that the PICC line is successfully inserted today. Pray they find a strong, accessible vein. Pray that vein is strong, healthy, and will hold the PICC line for as long as she needs it.

Wendy's stomach is still tight and her bowels and intestines are not working yet. Movement in her belly area is a HUGE prayer request right now.

Wendy experiences something called "ICU psychosis" every time she doses off for a lengthy period of time. She sees, hears, and imagines bad things going on. When she wakes up she works very hard at trying to figure out what went on and how to get rid of the thoughts. She thinks all of the nurses are mad at her because she thinks she is a "bad patient". She apologizes every time a doctor or nurse comes in and has to perform a procedure. Even though they reassure her she is doing a great job and that she is not a bad patient, she is genuinely concerned about her "burden" on everyone. Wendy's mom said it is funny, (in a not funny way) to watch and listen to Wendy try to take care of the people in her room. Wendy's mom said she has dark circles under her eyes, dilated pupils, a swollen face, and acts very drugged (because she is) but is micromanaging the nurses and her family. She asks if people have eaten, used the restroom, taken a break, etc. Taking care of and worrying about others even though she is the patient and fighting for her life. So Wendy.

The ICU staff is trying to get Wendy accustom to the difference between day and night again. They want her body to get used to being awake during the day and asleep at night.

  • Wendy's bad thoughts caused by the "ICU psychosis" are replaced with positive ones.
  • The PICC line is a success!
  • The new epidural provides better pain relief.
  • Wendy's bowels and intestines start working.

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  1. Lets agree together..................
    O God You are worthy! thank you for hearing our prayers. Lord, we ask in agreement together for your daughter Wendy. Lord, just as the doctors sewed her up, you are her creator, you formed her together in her mothers womb. She is YOUR daughter. God, We ask you Heavenly Father for a miracle. We are asking you Lord, to allow her body to begin to work as you designed it to work. Just as you created each and every organ, that it would work and function EXACTLY the way it is supposed to. We come to you and ask that you would stand guard out side of her subconscious and allow nothing to enter or exit her mind that is not of you. Take control of her thoughts and we pray PEACE, PEACE, YOUR PEACE! The peace that only YOU can give to her. Lord, we pray for those bowels to get moving in the name of JESUS. WE PRAY HEALING OVER HER BODY. GOD, bring restoration to her right now. Lord may You be evident in that room. May all who enter feel your presence and recognize that it is because of you that WENDY IS GETTING BETTER in the NAME OF JESUS. Bring rest and strength to her family. We pray for wisdom and discernment over her family and doctors. Show the doctors what to do to help her. Thank you God for a family that loves and serves you and that hears your voice. Speak Lord, so they will know exactly how to pray and what to do to help Wendy. Lord speak to hearts to remember to pray for her each day. Thank you Lord, that we pray to a God that hears and answers. Lord, thank you that are with her. We love you Lord and Praise your blessed and Holy Name for you are Worthy of our Praise. Come Holy Spirit, Come and dwell in that room with Wendy, may she feel your presence and your peace even in the midst of the drugs. We give all these things to YOU.
    In your precious and Holy name AMEN